a walk around the 'hood

bunnymanJanuary 15, 2007


In the spirit of the walking thread I thought I'd post a "walk" around my homestead. This is a collection and not a single walk.

Take yoko for a walk? Yah, the human is me.

Yoko loves to watch the birds! Love to watch the swallows zoom around the yard catching every single bug that can fly. No mosquitos!

Best place to take a walk is down the driveway.

Sometimes a deer watches us. This guy is still in velvet and safe. Watch out when he goes into rut... he gets a little fiesty.

Some weeds are for looking at.

I grow christmas trees as a hobby. Sales were slower then expected this year. One 400 tree order turned into a 40 tree order... so it goes.

Lots of berries of all types. I've tried to plant tame berry bushes and they have always died. To rub salt in the wound they grow wild everywhere. One stawberry patch is probably 3-4 acres in size... lots of berries! These are black raspberries... my favorite!

Of course I'm famous for my bunnies. This has been a GW fave in the past.

Spike assured me this young red-tailed hawk is probably not eating a bunny.

There is always something odd walking across the lawn.

Upon closer inspection we see a volunteer for the soup pot! I let him go to grow up some... one of these days he is gonna be snapping turtle soup.

My garden spot.

More birds! Ten years ago we didn't have turkey around here and now they are everywhere.

This is NOT Yoko begging to get in... note the unique stripes down her back! Friendly and no stink but a wild animal none the less.

Well... that is my homestead or at least a few pictures. At the moment it is cold and snowing. Not really fit for a walk today so I stuck ya'll with some old pics.

: )

michael & lyra

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Michael & Lyra - those are wonderful! I love the walking threads too.

It looks like you live in a very peaceful place.

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Love all the wildlife! Your area looks alot like mine!

That is a great shot of the Red Tailed Hawk!


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That IS a great shot of the hawk, they are beautiful birds. However, my favorite has always been the baby bunny picture, it's the one I think of whenever I think of you.

I also like the fact that you left the swallows' nest. I love the swallows and they eat their weight in mosquitos every day. On the farm they follow me down the rows of the garden when I'm picking or hoeing, scooping up whatever bugs I can stir up for them. They come within inches of me, like tiny feathered dive bombers, I don't scare them a bit.

What a great walk, Michael and Lyra, thank you. I think I could do without sharing the space with the skunk, though.


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Love your photos Michael and Lyra....especially the one of the little bunny. I would be out all day trying to pick them up and pet them if I had those in my yard! I presume they are wild? My daughter who lives in a Calgary suburb has many little half tame black squirrels running around outside her house. I think I enjoyed watching them more than she did. :-)


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Love your Christmas trees and wildlife. The skunk looks like he approves of the kittys' food!

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Great photos! I love the swallows and of course the bunny. Turtle soup, eh?

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I'm confused. Why isn't this on the WFD thread?

Who took your picture?

And which 'Spike' gave you the advice?


Beautiful shots. Love the sunset!

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Does kind of look like dinner doesn't it....
Even Yoko could have a snack from what you showed....
Pretty home spot!
Linda C

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M & L,

I particularly love that last shot. It should be framed.


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Beautiful pics - looks like a very peaceful setting. I must have missed the baby bunny pic in the past - love it! Thanks for sharing.

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Great pix! I love the bunny, of course, and the swallows. Thanks for sharing!

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What a beautiful place you have Michael and Lyra. I've seen some pics before but these really show it off.

Thanks for sharing them - it must be nice to have lots of space.


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Carol Schmertzler Siegel

Beautiful homestead, Michael & Lyra! Thanks for sharing, I especially love the little bunny picture! and all those berries!

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Michael, What beautiful pictures. Yoko is beautiful and so is the scenery. Just beautiful.

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I loved the pictures! Just beautiful~ That little bunny is too cute!

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