What's up with my cast iron grill pan?

ben_950November 17, 2005

Last year I bought a cast iron grill pan from TJ's, I think it is a Lodge, but I'm not sure. It is, however, "pre-seasoned." The problem is that it's impossible to clean. I assumed the pre-seasoning was adequate, and used it right away. The food stuck, and the grease in the bottom of the pan was impossible to get out. I then tried seasoning it myself, but that seemed to make it worse. The pan has sat in my cupboard unused for months. Does anyone have any suggestion as to what I can do to save it?

I am generally disappointed with "new" cast iron cookware, since the surface is so rough. And my skepticism about factory seasoning seems to be correct. I just wish they still made the stuff like it was a hundred years ago.

Thanks for any suggestions,


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Ben, I agree with you about Lodge's new cast iron...it's too rough. I tried a skillet (for cornbread exclusively), seasoned it myself even though the label said I didn't need to and the cornbread stuck like glue. I've reseasoned that pan at least 4 times now and still don't like it. I've got several cast iron pieces I've picked up at garage sales, auctions, antique stores and they are wonderful after a good scrubbing with a wire brush and re-seasoning. So, if you every stumble across an old one consider snatching it up. They are cheap.

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Why did they think they had to improve on cast iron? It was perfectly good the way it was! How hard is it to season cast iron? You take some Crisco, smear it all over, bake the pan on low for a while, wipe it out and repeat as many times as necessary to get a nice seasoned finish.

I agree, look for cast iron at thrift stores, flea markets and yard sales. If it is in really bad condition, have it sand blasted and season it again yourself. If you clean it up good and heat it in the oven, it will be sanitized. Used pots, pans, bowls, gadgets, etc. can be scrubbed clean and used safely. I collect pottery, china, molds, etc. that are decades old and I use them. Never killed anyone or made them sick, as far as I know.

Sorry, I'll get off my soapbox now.

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Have you tried using some Pam or similar spray just prior to using it? Even "the Martha" has been known to use them...


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