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jane__nyDecember 24, 2012

I know I got this from someone on GardenWeb. I love it and have downloaded a few things. Yesterday they had a photo editing program called, 'Perfect 365.' It is the coolest thing, makes this old face look pretty good. Actually makes everyone look good. A lot cheaper than a face lift!

I have a few questions about it and wonder if anyone is trying it or knows anything about it.

Thanks and Merry Christmas!


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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

just be really careful there not everything they give away is something you want on your pc they are not terribly interested in your best interest. scan scan scan! I would always really do serious googling for info on anything you consider getting there, free is not always good. I personally have never been interested enough in their offering to risk it. read the remarks others on the site make about the freebie.

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"I have a few questions about it and wonder if anyone is trying it or knows anything about it."
A search using bing resulted in 10,100,000 hits.

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I get the e-mail with their daily offering. Most of what they offer is not anything I'm interested in, but I have downloaded and used several quite good programs. These are often not the latest from the developers, but some are still good. I always read the comments before downloading anything. There are several who write good reviews or list other free/open source programs that do what the giveaway does and sometimes better. Well worth spending some time there. Some I have installed and never used, others I have uninstalled after trying. A few I have kept and used. I always use Revo uninstall for removing.

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I do the same as grandms. I always read the reviews but this offering only had a couple. I didn't google it as the site seems to have a large following and always have something to say.

I like this photo program but the free version does not allow you to save the finished photo on your computer. However it works, it makes everyone look about 30 years younger. It is the coolest editior I've seen and saves you hours of work. I'm tempted upgrade to the paid version so I have more control of the editing.

I know someone on this forum mentioned 'Giveaway' but don't remember who it was.


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