even 'deleting' is slow!

ilmbgNovember 6, 2011

I have HP Mini, win7, home?

The oast month, everything has been slow. I am far away from the box and have only 1 bar. But, I never had it be this slow- even when I want to delete something it may take 30 seconds! I very often get 'website not responding', which I have never had before. Many times I never get to the website- it just 'sits there' with nothing. Also, sometimes when I typr in a site to go to and hit 'enter', nothing happens with the blinking marker- I have to move the curser to 'websearch' and click enter. I do the Malware/antimalware/Avg/norton pc everyday, disk cleaner/frag.

What else am I missing? I have been this far from the 'box' since February and am just having the problem.


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Wish I could 'edit' after I post...
Forgot to add that I did use TFC and cleared cache, cookies, history upon shutting down. Use IE.

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You said" I do the Malware/antimalware/Avg/norton pc everyday, disk cleaner/frag. "
If you have both Norton and AVG antivirus programs on there, no wonder its slow, you cannot run two antivirus programs on the same computer..they conflict..you will have to totally uninstall either Norton or AVG

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genes- I didn't have the Norton/TFC on it until it started to do this. I was hoping that it would catch something that Malware/AVG didn't. If I uninstall both Norton/TFC, what do I do, as this started before I added them.
Thank you.
(I put the TFC on because I saw a similar post recently about another person's computer saying 'website not responding').

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You can leave TFC alone and please do! You will want to use that from time to time. TFC does not run as a background program and does not interfere with anything.

Now for Norton use the Application Remover to remove it. See link provided that will take you to the site where Application remover is. Jut click the download tab in blue. Download it and run it

The free AppRemover utility enables the thorough uninstallation of security applications like antivirus and antispyware from your computer.

Here is a link that might be useful: AppRemover utility

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

also when you start having those kinds of problems it is a good idea to unplug everything from power including the modem and router along with your pc. leave it set for 5 mins or so then plug the power into the modem first wait till it gets lit up then plug power into the router, let it get lit up then your computers. I have had my laptops and netbook get weird on me too and when I did a power down sequence it always helps.

You seem to be typing Norton and TFC as one item but they are not related, Norton is an Antivirus program so is AVG which is why you can only have one of them.
TFC is NOT an antivirus program it just helps clean up your cache and files it only runs when you actually hit the button to run it. So yes as zep said you can keep TFC.

Are you sure you have Norton on that pc?

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OK, thanks. But before I use the download will it also delete AVG/Malware? If I download what you sent me, will it delete all the 'bug-stuff'? If so, then I will need to re-add just the Malware and AVG, correct?
Thanks, both.

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Norton PC Checkup is a program downloaded either separately or as a bundle with updates to Adobe Flash, provided to enable users to perform a system checkup of their Microsoft Windows based personal computers. It was launched by Symantec in October 2008.

So it's not Norton Anti Virus is it. I was wondering about that. It's Norton PC as described above. If it is then it's probably ok to keep. I'm sorry I miss read the first topic that you posted and that's why raven asked Are you sure you have Norton on that pc

In order for me to pursue the matter anymore I'd need a hijackthis log to start.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

ilmbg appremover will only remove what you tell it to remove I will give you the link of how it works step by step so you can see.
Using AppRemover

It would really be helpful as zep said to know for sure what Norton product you have on there for sure. If you got it as an add on when you installed something else you can certainly get rid of it if you did not intend to have it.

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