Butter keepers

bean_counter_z4November 3, 2006

Hi everyone. I love creamy butter on fresh baked breads. Does anyone have those butter keeper crocks that are supposed to keep butter for 30 days without refrigeration. If they work and are safe, I want one. Hate brick hard butter!

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I have had one for years and for me it works fine. I bought mine locally after seeing it on one of those shopping channels. Just make sure the butter tray is tall enough to fit a stick of butter. Mine is a little shallow so I have to cut it into slices and put them in at a slant.

I live on the Central Coast in CA and we don't get very hot summers. When we do have some hot weather I put ice chips in with the water just to keep it extra cool.

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Thanks Clare. I guess I didn't know how they worked. Are they more trouble than they're worth?

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I like it for exactly the reason you stated, "I love creamy butter on fresh baked breads." Or anytime you need soft butter. IMO I think they are worth it. I hate hard butter!

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According to the latest food preservation info, butter should be stored not just in the fridge, but in the COLDEST part of the fridg. According to the proper butter storage info I've seen, you shouldn't even keep it in the butter compartment in the door of the fridge (too warm). Keeping butter at room temp isn't recommended at all.

However, having spreadable butter isn't a problem. I just pop my stick butter into the microwave for 15 seconds, or 10 seconds for the whipped tub butter. You need to experiment with your own microwave, to find the optimum time (my other microwave takes only 12 seconds) to get your butter the optimum spreading consistency. Much safer than taking chances with food storage.

Of course, it's your choice--I'm just telling you what the experts at the food science, and butter websites are suggesting.

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We've used a 'butter bell' for years. Butter doesn't last more than 3-4 days in our house, so it works for us. I only use 1/2 stick in the butter bell at a time. I don't think I'd keep butter out more than 4-5 days. I have to say that we do love it.

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I purchased one years ago from a potter who made them. They were originally used in Europe. Since we use salted butter, use cold water and refill regularly and don't use it during the hottest months of the summer, I feel safe in using it. We have never had any problems in the years we have had it, and if I think the butter sat in it too long I just dump it, clean and start over. The micro is an option, but this also works for us.

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I always keep my butter on the counter in a covered dish...in the time it takes to use a 1/2 a stick, it doesn't get rancid ( which is the main way that butter spoils...it doesn't mold). I kwwp my main "cache" in the freezer and a stick or 2 in the refrigerator. i ahve done that for years as did my mother, grandmother and likely my great grandmother.
What's going to happen to butter in a day or two at room temperature?
Linda C

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Hi--I love soft butter as well rather than margarine.

I have a "butter boat" that allows me to keep my butter out. The butter sits in a container with a lid--that container sits in another container with water in it. I don't know how it really works, but it does.A stick of butter last no more than a week at my house, and I have never had my butter go bad in that amount of time.

I got mine at QVC.

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I have a butter keeper as well. It holds a full stick of butter, which last less than week in my house. I use unsalted butter which should have a shorter shelf life than regullar salted. It never goes bad or tastes off. I simply love it.

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I have a Le Creuset butter keeper it's red on the outside and white on the inside and I keep it in the back of the fridge since I'm single and only use butter for cooking. I like it very much :)

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