blender vs. smoothie maker

michie1November 4, 2004

I want to get a blender that is strong enough to crush ice without having to spend a fortune. How would I know if a blender is strong enough to crush ice? The smoothie makers claims to crush ice & are reasonably priced BUT my concern is the spout they all have that would seem to me to get clogged up or difficult to clean. Has anyone tried Cooks Essentials smoothie maker? Any recommendations?


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The Smoothie Makers are terrible -- I bought one and get rid of it after trying a few times. The spout was the pits as anything thick wouldn't flow through. Clean up was also awful as the parts aren't as well constructed as a real blender.

I use an immersion blender for smoothies -- it makes them right in the beaker that comes with it.

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Oh no, I ordered one today for my sister. She wants a blender to crush tice, not so much for smoothies, but for otehr drinks, like daquirris & milk shakes etc. Any more advice on this?


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I also bought a smoothie maker and returned it. Sometime later I bought another one, but returned that too. I liked the idea of a stir stick, but didn't like the plastic (rather than glass) container. The worst was the spout. It does get clogged and you have to clean it often. A good, slightly expensive blender is much more useful!

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Any advice on good blenders to crush ice?

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I have a Waring "commercial bar blender" (the stainless one). Have had it for close to 20 years. started out using it mostly for making margharitas, now I use it every day for smoothies, plus other cooking uses. Mine was a gift, but I think it is totally worth the money. The spout on "smoothie makers" looks like it would be really hard to keep clean!

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My brother and sister-in-law have a smoothie maker. Can't remember the brand, but it is quite excellent.

Makes and pours thick fruit smoothies, crushes ice, and mixes killer frozen margueritas.

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I have one of the 500W Cook's Essentials Smoothie Makers and I LOVE it. It's loud & noisy but the spout has never gotten clogged. Now it fully smoothes, so no whole pieces (such as fruit, etc) are left to get clogged. Nor has cleaning been a problem, but I always clean right after use. The only problem is the plastic...the spout cracked yesterday during blending. Ideally I'd like a commercial blender. But if anyone knows of where to get replacement parts for the Cook's Essential the please let me know.

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