All Clad cleaning?

gardengrlNovember 29, 2004

I purchased my first piece of All Clad last week; a beautiful roasting pan for the turkey. I noticed that after it was washed with a soft cloth and dishsoap, a few "tarnished" spots remained on the pan where the grease & such dripped in pan. It isn't a food stain, but seems to be in the metal itself. Is this normal? Would Barkeeper's Friend get this out. Aren't All Clad pieces supposed to remain shiny if cleaned properly?

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Barkeeper's Friend is All-Clad's best friend. Your pots will look brand new again.

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Those "tarnished spots" are stains caused by excessive and/or prolonged heat. They'll appear if you use heat above "medium", and sometimes after long slow simmering. Just the nature of All Clad...

The good news is they're cosmetic and don't affect the cookware's performance, and clean up easily with a little polishing with Bar Keeper's Friend.

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What major retailers carry Barkeepers Friend? I live in the NYC Metro area. I hear a lot of good things about it, but cannot find. Thanks.

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Their web site has a clickable map listing stores that carry the product.

They also offer free shipping if you order online.

Here is a link that might be useful: Barkeepers Friend store locator

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If you have already asked your store manager, just ignore this, but I found it at my local grocery store where they have the Comet, and such cleaners displayed. It seems like a common item here.

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Linens and things, bed bath and beyond, are two places that carry BKF on a regular basis.


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Walmart carries it along with comet. I also use plain old white vinegar to remove water stains, no effort required.

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Thanks for your help. I swiped the last bottle at Stop and Shop last night.

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I have a huge set of AC stainless, and besides Barkeeper's Friend, the other item you will need to use on a regular basis is white vinegar. Any time you use the pots for boiling you will end up with whitish spots that are hard water deposits (assuming that you have hard water like we do). I keep a bottle of white vinegar in the cupboard just above the sink, and put a splash of it inside prior to washing, to keep them shiny. Doing this means that I don't have to use the Barkeeper's Friend as often.


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Does anyone know how to get cooked on oil stains off. Someone used my frying pain for deep frying and the sides are all brown. Soaking doesn't seem to work.


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Try Dawn Power Disolver on those oil stains. It should take them right off. Also try scrubbing with Bar Keepers friend. I would try the Dawn first though as there is no chance of scratching.

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Thanks. I did a Google on the Dawn product and it looks great. I'll have to see if it is available in Canada. I have the All Clad with the copper insert, so I'll have to be careful. I wish they would have covered the copper with stainless steel so that you could have the advantage of copper without the cleaning issues.

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Between Bar Keeper's Friend and Astonish paste (at Restoration Hardware or on the internet) you can get anything off.

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How do you clean around the rivets? I have used both Bon Ami and BKF, and while they do AMAZING work, I do have problems getting in close around the rivets.

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My large All Clad saucepan was left on the electric stovetop with the heat on high. The pan is discolored, and barkeeper's friend is not making much difference. Any suggestions?

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Alexandra, this thread might help. I did the same thing to my Calphalon omelet pan. We scrubbed with BarKeeper's Friend to no avail, but soaking it and continuing to use it (on medium hit) eventually resulted in a once-again shiny pan.

Here is a link that might be useful: Cleaning stainless

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Okay, this is pretty gross. I have had an All-Clad (MC? MC2?) saute pan for 20 years or so, and, even though I have a bit of a fetish about keeping both the insides and the outsides of my pots and pans sparkling clean, I basically gave up on the rivets of that pan. Recently, I took a toothpick and shoved the point of it between the handle and the pan, as close to the rivets as possible, and then ran it around the rivets themselves, and got some black crud out of that area. I never realized how much room there is between the base of the handle and the side of the pan. So, I guess the moral of the tale is to use some slender, sharp object to get into the area between the handle and the pan, where the handle attaches to the pan.

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