Dishwasher draining question

chiefneilNovember 10, 2012

I noticed that water is completely draining from my Asko DW. The water that gets left behind is pretty dirty and it's not great to think that's the final rinse water for my dishes. The smell was what started me investigating. In any case I'd like opinions on whether or not this is normal.

Photo is pasted below - this is the drain at the bottom, with the screen/filter removed. The water is clean in this photo because I removed the previous standing water and ran an empty cycle to clean out the machine.

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Completely normal for a little water to remain in the filter or pump sump area. No dishwasher (or washing machine) can pump out 100% of the water. It should, however, be "clean" water left from the final rinse, other than whatever bits of debris may be in the filter. If it's obviously dirty water seen immediately after the cycle has ended, then something may be wrong with your installation regards to the drain hose arrangement.

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Thanks for the reply dadoes. BTW, I meant to say "isn't completely draining" but it looks like you figured out what I meant :-)

I'll keep an eye on the water in the filter area. If it's consistently dirty I'll call for service.

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Try disconnecting the drain hose and run a short cycle with the drain hose going into a 5 gallon bucket. Make sure the hose is firmly in the bucket and cant come loose. Also re-create a high loop when using the bucket.

Now see how much water is left in the d/w sump after a cycle and how clean/dirty the water is.

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