Just ordered my appliances

jg1126November 2, 2011

After reading a lot of posts and reviews I finally ordered my appliances. Trying to balance what I want, with the cost factor I decided to go with Bosch appliances. I ordered the 800 series induction, 800 series single wall oven and the Bosch SHX7ER DW and a Zephyr 36" hood. Originally I was going to order the 500 series cooktop and oven, but with the additional rebate on the 800 series there wasn't very much price difference.

It feels good to have that decision out of the way!

I ended ordering with AJ Madison online. Tried my local stores but they were not will to work at all with me on prices.

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@jg1126: Congrats. Very sensible appliances! When i ordered my 500 Induction even with the rebate the 800 was 250 bucks more so i ended up with the 500.

I personally have no use for the autochef and controls wise i kinda like the 500 controls better.

I am surprised the local stores were not willing to work with you i had better luck with local stores.

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Let us know how everything goes with aj Madison. I called them last week and guy was not very helpful...seemed annoyed by my call...I had 2 quick questions and stated I would be placing an order in a week or two...now im turned off to them.....

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Sorry to hear you bought a Zephyr. For a few hundred more you could have had a real vent hood. I speak from experience.

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I bought 3 bosch appliances as well (800 series) and yes the rebate is pretty nice! Make sure you send in that form asap. make copies, send it registered mail (which i didn't and agonized over). You can track online but it is slow. You need the serial # which a real pain.

I have the 800 series oven and its my favorite of all the new appliances i got. Maybe my old oven was really bad but it works great - everything comes out perfect. The pad takes some getting used to but simple to clean.

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ratflinger - what, in your opinion, would be a real vent hood within a few hundred of a Zephyr?

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@jg1126: Just check ajmadison price difference is 400ish between 500 and 800 series induciton... how did you get that 800 ended up being cheaper than 500 series cooktop?

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@jmith. I found the price difference for the total package of appliances 800 series I bought was not significantly more after the rebate (15%) VS the package of 500 & 800 series mix (10%). The 800 package price online was cheaper than the 500 package to buy locally when you figure in the sales tax and delivery I would have to pay locally.

@ sophie Thanks for the advice on sending it registered mail. I will do that. Happy to hear you like your 800 wall oven. Originally I had decided on the Electrolux, but with the rebates it made sense for me to purchase the Bosch. The Bosch owners here seem to be for the most part happy.

@joanie - The man I spoke with was very knowledgeable. I have to say my experience with my local appliance salesmen was not extremely positive. They seemed like the did not really care if they made the sale.

@ratflinger In your opinion is Zephyr not a good hood, or is it that VAH is better? I have to admit I did the least research on hoods. I wanted as quiet as possible but still effective. I liked that Zephyr hoods had a lower sone rating than the best hood I was looking at.

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We bought a Zephyr a few years back - island recirculating. Cost $2100 (just found the bill). Just bought a Modernaire, built to my specs - $2700. 600cfm Zephyr would not suck anything up the pipe - it made noise & had a couple of nice lights on it, it looked very stylish though. IMHO Zephyr is all style and no function. I do not know about VAH hoods. I only rail against the Zephyrs so hard to keep people from being disappointed after spending lots of hard earned cash to buy one.

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To the OP, how is your Zephyr working out for you?

Sounds like you have a great setup.

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JG1126 & joaniepoanie...I've been working with Solomon at AJ Madison and he has been most kind and very quick to respond either by phone or email. We are ordering all new appliances from AJM, except for the double ovens (just got our Gaggenau double ovens from another retailer!!!), and Solomon has offered a nice discount!!!

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