Quick--I need a new microwave, considerations?

cj47_gwNovember 4, 2012

The old Sharp microwave went "poof" yesterday. I am not sad, but my husband and kids insist that it needs to be replaced immediately. LOL, so we're going to go shopping.

I am not a big microwave user. I have a cubby that we had built for a microwave when we remodeled, and it's sized so that we can just shove in a countertop model and be good to go. The hubs and kids warm things up, make popcorn, and I use it to quickly defrost things that I've neglected to plan ahead for. My thought would be to go out and get a 2 ft (to warm up an 8X12 pan of whatever) and not spend too much money on it, as long as it's black or stainless it should be fine, right?

Not so fast, says the hubs. What about those new fangled convection microwaves? They might brown stuff. Have you considered one of those? We need to buy one today, don't you know. Yikes. I don't move that fast. I did a quick look, and maybe I shouldn't dismiss this out of hand. What say you, Gardenweb? I have a lovely Electrolux double oven, and a much beloved 36" Miele Cooktop that are my preferred ways to cook.

OK, so to convect or not to convect? And either way, what brands have you guys liked/hated?



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I will only vouch for the microwave part of my Elux Speed oven, as I know you don't want or need to spend that kind of money, since you already have double ovens but I have the single Elux oven so the speed oven comes in very handy for us.

The reason I mention it, is it is now 7 years old and trouble free except for a screw that came loose on the handle. You probably see posts where they say "Microwaves" are considered "Disposables" nowadays---they don't last---blah blah blah etc etc etc---Well 7 years and still going strong!

I hope Elux uses the same microwave parts in just their convection/microwave ovens, but of course I don't know!

Depending on meal sizes and how handy your new (If you get it) Convection/microwave is---You may find you may use it a lot as it is "Likely" to preheat faster than your regular ovens (alto as you know, they aren't "slouthes" either),
and myself, I just hate to heat a big oven just to do a tater or 2 or something else of "Similar Stature".

Good luck in whatever decision you make!!


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Thanks, Gary! I appreciate the quick response. I just can't see spending a lot of money on this. I thought about how we really use a microwave around here--I use it to thaw things I've forgotten to take out for dinner, or to quickly finish cooking something that's just not getting done fast enough in the oven. It also gets used to soften butter, rewarm a plate of leftovers, or to make snacks. With that in mind, I chose a plain old microwave by Panasonic, one with a reputation for thawing things well without cooking them around the edges. I guess we'll see! The kids can zap their oatmeal in the morning (I make a big batch of home rolled oats to start the week and it lasts a few days) and they can pop some corn for an after school snack, everyone is happy and all is well in our household tonight. :-)


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The convection will act like a 2nd oven or toaster oven. I have the GE and I don't particularly like it after having the Sharp. But it doesn't 'brown' since there is no overhead heating element.

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