Mixed color pans - food looks good in what?

marys1000November 3, 2007

This is a rather stupid post but I'm having trouble.

I have used one set of flame colored Le Creuset sauce pans for years (25?). I have replaced one in flame and need to replace 2 others (so I have one new saucepan and the original largest pot which is still good).

I'm not sure I want flame anymore. But I'm not sure what other color to get either. Off white? Blue? Maybe red but probably not? And I'll still have my 2 flame unless I really splurge and buy all new and give those away (that would be a major splurge for me)

I don't know why I'm having trouble with the idea of purposefully mixing up the colors seeing how I use non-stick frying pans but since they seem to be a seperate entity.....plus I'm not in a high end house/high end kichen. Strictly middle class. I do like trying to decorate and make the house look nice though I don't go overboard.

Would you buy colors by whether food looks pleasing in them? I noticed the Barefoot Contessa was making soup in an off white Le Creuset pot and the soup looked yummy against the white.

Or how it looks in the your kitchen? Considering that kitchen colors change over time?

And when I get really old I'll probably have to buy a stainless pot set of some kind anyway since the Le Creseut is practically too heavy to lift now! LOL!

What would you do?

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I would go for the white or black.
"They" say that food looks most appetizing on a blue plate...
My long time favorite dishes are an English red transfer ware....steak looks great but a plate of spaghetti looks awful!
Over the years I have bought Le Cruset when I have found a deal...so I have and have had most colors but the newer green ones.
Hands down....the food looks better in the white.

However, most Le C pans now have a white interior...so unless you are taking pictures of your spaghetti and meat balls....who cares?
Boy am I a messy cook!!
Linda C

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And while the food looked great in them and in her kitchen, when I imagine using the all white ones they seem like the look rather bland on the stove. I think they would carry nicely to the table. Can't do black, my eyes aren't that great, especially in low light, anything black always seem to make things hard to see. I they weren't so expensive it wouldn't be such a hard decision.

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