Anyone have a Nesco Convection Roaster?

aceyNovember 12, 2010

I saw one at a thrift store, totally new (although I'm sure it is several years old, from I think 2003) with all paper instructions, etc. It is a 12 quart, which is a good size for us (not too big).

I thought I'd give it a try before Thanksgiving on something to see if I like it, then use it to bake a turkey in, while I use my regular oven for other menu items.

Anyone want to tell me if you've ever have or had one, and what it was particularly useful for, or if it's a dud!!!

Thanks from Acey!!!

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Acey, there's been recent discussion of Nescos in the Cooking forum, and everyone loves them. Sounds like yours is a real find!

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Isn't there some sort of a cook off thing that you do to those before you use them. Check on that before you use it.

Most people that have one seem to just love them!

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You lucky dog you, I hope you grabbed that roaster and FAST. I don't have the convection roaster but just got the 6 qt one and LOVE it.

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bryansda: yup, indeed, I grabbed that roaster and FAST! For $25.00. But not before I plugged it in and tested it at the thrift store to be sure it worked!

Arkansas girl: Yup, there is an initial burn off required and I did it according to owner manual specs today out on the patio. It did emit some electrical fumes (barely), which I was instructed to expect, but no smoke ensued.

Sushipup and all others: I made a boneless pork loin roast with assorted vegetables...onions, carrots, Brussels sprouts, rutabaga, and a couple apples as my test run. I rubbed garlic on the roast, and coated it in some flavor of Montreal seasoning I had on hand. Put all meat and vegies on oiled rack (I used peanut oil which has a higher smoke temperature, to be safe). I placed this inside oiled cookwell, and started to let her rip at 400F w/ convection fan on.

Because it smelled SO very delicious SO quickly, I got worried at 30 minutes into the scene, thus decided to decrease temp to 350, stop the fan a while, then started it again....basically played with it to see what IT could do, and how I should be responding to this new appliance.

I took out the meat at temp 155F, to tent and rest, knowing it would continue to increase in temp. Some of the vegies were still a bit hard, but there developed a nice sticky, well cooked (but not burned) bits on the bottom. I found some Port wine, added a splash with another splash of water, (stirred with a wooden spoon so as not to scratch!) and kept the vegies alone in there at 350F with convection for another 20 or so minutes til the rutabaga was tender enough. The apples were squishy, so I'll add them later next time, or take them out I think they added to the yummy tart yet sweet drippings. Can I say it was just divine with no gravy, just the drippings (of which there was only a bit since pork is so lean now). I can't wait for sandwiches of the leftover pork!

(Never over cook pork anymore...get it to 155F, and tent it with foil for a half hour or will continue to cook and be fine, juicy and tender).

So first round was a thrill!!!

Me happy! Thanksgiving turkey of about 13 pounds is next!

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acey I'm glad you like your roaster and had a good trial run. I'm still learning with mine too. I love to put a frozen boneless turkey or turkey breast in mine. I rub it with a little olive oil and top with crushed rosemary and thyme. We love turkey but I'm getting spoiled not having to deal with bones. I do need to do one with bones so I can make some stock for soup this winter.

Know too that I'm NEVER lucky enough to find a deal like the one you found. I guess the roaster could be standing in the aisle, jumping up and down, and I wouldn't see it.

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If anyone in the area of Cocoa, Rockledge or Merritt Island Florida is looking for a Nesco....heads up!!!

There is a white Nesco 18 quart roaster at the Humane Society Thrift Shop on US 1 in Rockledge!!!

It looks to be in fine shape, although needs to be washed of it's cobwebs. The cookwell is fine, and the cord looks good. Just needs a good cleaning. They have it marked at $20.00. It is way in the back of the store where the small appliances are!

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