Please advice on the floor plan

kassikoloOctober 17, 2012

So we got our draft. There 2 things on there i want to change for sure and thats :

1. In master bath i want a smaller shower (dont need it that big) and i want a vanity in there as well.

2.And i plan on putting regular fridge in the wall diving living room and kitchen so it will be a little smaller, because i want it to be more open to the kitchen area.

Before someone asks why we have a mudroom(its next to laundry)..My husband is a farmer and he comes home very dirty, so we need it.

A keeping room ( i am thinking about having glass doors there to block the noise when family is watching tv in the living room). I will have a fireplace there also with a sitting area next to windows.

What you all think?

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Sophie Wheeler

There are a lot of expensive space wasting angles and foundation jogs that leave the actual usable square footage much smaller than it needs to be. I would not want the main dining area of a home to use a round table unless it were expandible, and your area has no place for it to be expanded to. And there really isn't room for seating at the island and the table at the same time. The kitchen's actual workspace is very very cramped, despite it's large size. That size is not being used to increas the utility of the room at all.

The master bedroom and living room share a wall, which will be noisy to the MB occupants and leave them with little privacy if other family members are still up. You have both a shower and a closet with exterior windows, which is not at all ideal. But especially for a shower in a cold climate. As a whole, the master area is poorly laid out.

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This is what I think:
This plan is overrated.

I have a client that bought it from Garrel and worked with them in some modifications. After a while, they allowed him to modify it locally (lucky me). It looks to me like they could not figure out the changes the owner wanted.
Do you have the roof plan for this?
It is a lot of fun.

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We plan on putting the TV on the fridge wall and at nightime people can also watch tv in the keeping room.

BTW we plan on squaring of the dinning area(making it octagon not circle). I do plan on having a circle table extending to oval if we have company (which happens once/twice a year...Why do you think it will not fit and how come there is not enough space for people to sit at the island? To me it seems like it will fit, but i am no expert

WE do plan to rearrange the master bath..dont plan on windows in the shower or closet but we havent gotten that far..

You really think kitchen is cramped?

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My issue with the kitchen is that most of the counter space is in the way of traffic coming in from the mudroom, and is far away from the work triangle. I think I'd end up never using it, and only using the counter on either side of the stove.

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No outdoor decks or doors to the backyard? Do you grill at all? If so, where will the grill go?

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yes there will be a porch and door through a side of the dinning area, havent gotten that far.,..deciding if we want to keep the angles before doing anything else..and we love the angles, but i dont see anyone doing them and it worries me...

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Wasted space everywhere because of the angles and poor layout. This is a plan that needs to be about 20% bigger just to account for that factor and still have enough usable room for everything that a normal family needs to accomodate. This isn't a home for someone on a budget. Nor is it truly family friendly. There simply isn't enough room. The kitchen and eating area are especially egregious about having square footage, but no real room to be usable. And the master is over inflated, yet not at all a private sanctuary.

Farmhouses have long been simple rectangular structures for a reason. That is the most efficient use of space and the cheapest to construct.

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