Heads Up for Lovers of Le Crueset

maggie5ilNovember 2, 2005

FYI, I got a flyer from Tuesday Morning's yesterday. On the front cover they were featuring Le Crueset. 50-80% off, "pieces vary store to store". Sale begins Tuesday, Nov. 8.

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What is a Tuesday Morning's. Having just got an induction cooktop I see Le Crueset in our future.

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My flier is featuring $99 cuisinarts.....
Guess I better check it out in person!
Linda C

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Mine has Cuisinart for $99 on the cover and "Famous French Enameled Cast Iron Cookware" on page 3.

It's an interesting store, it handles closeouts, overstocks and a lot of odd things, too. It's only open 4 times a year and you can usually get some great items at good prices. If there's one near you, it's worth checking out.

Here is a link that might be useful: Tuesday Morning

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In the midwest....they only close 4 times a year! Mostly theya re open1...There is a short period about every 3 months where they are closed for re arranging and marking....but from maybe Oct 1st until Christmas they are open.....then closed for about 3 or 4 weeks and open again for a while.
My stores hand out calandars showing openings and closings.
And the link from the email sent to me shows different items than your link....hmm....might have to travel around to some Tuesday Mornings!
Linda C

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So I stopped at Tuesday Morning today and picked up a 5.5 qt Blue round french oven.
I get home and out it next to our Blue Le Crueset Wok.
Low and behold the colors are different (more so than I would expect for normal variation).
So the question is do people know if there are two different colors. Or is the Tuesday Morning stuff a second in the sense that the color is wrong. All the blue at Tuesday Morning looked the same color.
Or is it possible that my wok being a older year was a different color. I would think the colors stay the same year to year.

PS - The Tuesday morning near me had only 4 or 5 blue peices and the rest were yellow. The cashier told me the stuff was flying out the door.

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You know, Brucedelta, Williams Sonoma advertises that they have a blue that is only for them. When I called the sales lady said it was the same blue as elsewhere but the ads on the internet clearly state it is exclusive to them. I wonder if that is the problem. Was one or the other of your pieces a Williams Sonoma blue? Just a thought. Either way I am sure they are beautiful. I have several blue pieces (but not the wok) and they are all the same. Best wishes. Rose

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Wok was from Sur La Table, so it would not be the W-S color. It was a floor model since they did not have one in a box, but it did have a nice discount. I know it was a prior year model since it has a metal lid and the current (2005) model shows a glass lid and a price $30 lower than ordering new.
Maybe the Tuesday Morning is the W-S color. I will probably take the lid to Sur La Table to compare with other open stock. The staff there will give me the scoop since I find Sur La Table to be a great store.

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Picked up a couple of the stoneware baking dishs (also blue). Thanks for the heads up!!


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For anyone who is interested I checked the color on the piece from Tuesday morning and it is different that what they had as open stock at the Sur La Table store.
It is a lighter more purple shade of blue.

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Dear Brucedelta,
The Williams Sonoma site calls their blue "Sonoma Blue"
This is a photo from their web site. Just click on the Sonoma Blue to see if that is a match to yours. I could not get the link to work on the specific color. I think the blue is different that the regular one. I was worried about it matching my other pieces and therefore ended up buying through Caplan Duval (with a much better price) There is no Tuesday Morning where I live :(

Here is a link that might be useful: Sonoma Blue

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I'm not certain, but I believe I saw that Sonoma Blue color at TJ Maxx. It was labled "second" but I couldn't find any flaw. Perhaps it was another shade of blue, but it was very lovely and a single color.

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I was in WS on another mission yesterday an looked at the sonoma blue compared to the stock LC color (they have little sample pots of all colors). The sonoma blue was a darker blue and very nice indeed. The tuesday morning color was lighter than the stock color so it is definatly different than anything else on the market.

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That is why it is being sold as a discounted product. Many times the dye or the first firing makes the item a different shade from what it "should be". Of course with Le Creuset, that is part of the charm, the imperfection, but only to a certain degree and not beyond. My thoughts...Who cares if it's doesn't match or is slightly different? As long as the product performs well, and I have purchased a William Sonoma "dune" saute pan, and (kiwi, or lime) saucier at full price (ouch!), and then purchased a blue oval oven and a green round 4 quart oven from TJ Max. They ALL perform well. No differences except for color and I like that they're all different colors. As someone else pointed out, you can always tell your kitchen assistant to go fetch you the "blue" pot, or the "green" pot for whatever. Now go fetch me the Kiwi pot!!

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Well...you guys enabled me. I'm going to have to get Le Crueset now, like I need more kitchen stuff. ;) I'll only get one or 2 though. I could've saved a lot of money if I had bought them early in our marriage. We did look at them, but I don't remember why we didn't get any. Probably too much money and we had an assortment of cast iron. Not the same as enameled I know, but it has served us well. I'll get rid of some of the cast iron pots, though, since I rarely use them.
I did stop by our Tuesday Morning store. I've never seen such a mess of a store. Are they all like that? It looked like the day after Christmas sale, with the shelves all a mess. They had some blue and yellow LCs, in 3.5 qts and I think 7.5 qt. TJMaxx didn't have any.

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Ratherbgardening - Yeah, they all look like that, at least every one I've seen. Makes it very hard to find things.

I know what you mean. I kick myself on things like this I could have done for way less years ago. Some poeple have that gift. i don't. I seems like I wait until something is top dollar before I even notice it. When I see what it used to sell for, it just makes me sick. Oh well, you get over it. At least it's something high quality, like Le Creuset that will outlast me.

Good luck,


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Plus they'll just continue to go up in price. They were spendy when we looked at them back then. So that's my excuse for getting one now. :)

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Well, I finally broke down and got some LC at Tuesday Morning. I hesitated and even put it back on the shelf 2 times, but a conversation between a husband and wife changed my mind. As the couple walked by the LC, they remarked that it was expensive, but that Pierre's family uses it and they pass it down from one generation to the next. They were using grandma's cookware now.

I have no idea who the couple was or who Pierre is or where he and his family live, but I thought of how nice it would be if my children or grandchildren would one day use the same cookware as I do. They will no doubt throw out all my Calphalon and my Farberware, but the LC - they may just think that it would be worth keeping.

So, it's all Pierre's fault that I now own 2 pieces of LeCreuset!!

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grammabonnie, which two did you choose??


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I went with the round 3.5 and 5.5 qt. ones. I had actually planned on getting the oval one, but someone grabbed it before me, which was probably a good thing. I think I'll use the round ones more than an oval one.
I used the smaller one for making a goulash with 2 pounds of beef stew meat, and it was the perfect size for that. Haven't used the larger one yet - they're actually Christmas presents for myself, so I'm trying to hold off using them, so they'll seem "new" after Christmas.

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