Lifeware Cookware

touringNovember 17, 2005

I bought a set of lifeware about 20 years ago. The pots indicate that the product was made in Canada and the covers and handles have the maple leaf sign/logo.

While these pots are still going strong, some of the handles have deteriorated. I am unable to track the manufacturer. Anyone knows this company or where I can get handles to buy?

I have done a web search and the lifeware that I see advertise has changed its design. Instead of black "hard plastic" handles they are now steel. I am not sure if it is the same company.

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After twenty years, it's not surprising if they did change their design at least somewhat.

I just viewed the website I think you're referring to ( They have US phone/fax numbers listed and a way to contact them via email. Note that their product is registered around the world, including Canada.

I suggest you contact them directly and inquire...


Here is a link that might be useful: / Contact Us

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I tried sending them 3 messages but each time this comes up after submitting my comments

"Cannot run the FrontPage Server Extensions' Smart HTML interpreter on this non-HTML page: """;
As a result I am not sure they received my comments and I also did not receive any email response.

I only need 3 pairs each of the handles for the pots and pans of the older version of lifeware i.e. the black handles with the maple leaf pattern.

Anyone can tell me the cost and where to obtain them? I have already checked Ebay and have not seen that cookware listed.

It can't be "vintage" because I have a "steamliner" pressure cooker far older than those pots and I can still get rubbers and other parts through Presto.

What do you do with your old cookware that are still functional and sturdier than the modern ones?

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Regarding Lifeware handles:

There was a company in Canada that sold cookware and many customers have contacted LifeWare Technologies, Inc (Our Company) to buy replacements. Sorry, we are a new company that sells revolutionary cookware but are NOT the Canadian company that was called "Lifeware." I have replied to all emails sent to our company and will continue to do so. Thanks for posting the question and I do believe that that Canadian company is gone!

Take care,

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Jim, I tried sending you a message through the contact button on your web site. It returned an error. You should have them fix that.


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Ken, I will check the "error" message out first thing on Tuesday and I thank you VERY much for pointing that out. You may email me directly at if you wish. I look forward to your communications and wouldn't mind speaking with you as mentioned in my most recent message post. You can either call me at ext. 243 directly or simply send a contact number in an email and I'll gladly pick up the long distance tab. Take care...Jim

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I too, am on the hunt for Lifeware 'mapleleaf' handles. Would really like to know where they can be sourced.

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Sorry Royh but I have not yet been able to find a source. If you do, please contact me.

The pots are good but the handles seem to have become brittle with age. Lost another one since I last posted.

Maybe someone can suggest an alternative solution.

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I have been looking for these handles for about 10 years now. I went on Lifetime which isn't he same cookware and they have posted a notice that they are not the same company as Lifeware and that as far as they know Lifeware is no longer in business. If anyone can help or if you have found the company in the US or Canada please email with the info. I am really desperate. I only have one original handle on my pans, and it's really hard to cook with no handles. The cookware is still in real good condition. Please help. Thankyou

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Perhaps you can get a machine shop to machine some handles for you.

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I bought 2 "Lifeware" stainless steel pots about 27 years ago & they are as good as new except one of the handles. Did anyone have any luck finding replacements??

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Why stop manufacturing a Best Seller... Best Product on the market?? Lifeware Pots was a Best Seller/ The Best of the Best. My mother had bought a set in the late 70/s I believe and wow ... they are still going strong. Idont mind getting myself a set of pots myself... You talk about Stainless Steel.

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I have the same problem , I have my set of pans for 30 years can not fine handles for them , need help Thanks Patrick.

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