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jen19083November 24, 2008

I'm considering purchasing some of my shiny, new appliances from Sears. (I'm not in the Viking, Sub-Z price point). Sears is offering the best deal on a GE Profile fridge I'm considering (even better than the GE friends and family discount). But, the service plans Sears offers are much more expensive than the GE direct plan ($550 for 5 years and $379 for 3 years, compared with $100 for 4 years - admittedly, I haven't researched fully what the GE plan entails).

Anyone have experience with these service plans?

Thanks in advance. (I'm posting this on the appliances forum, too).

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I don't know, but based on my experience this past weekend trying to get a $2.99 replacement belt for my vacuum, I would be hesitant to buy anything from Sears again, especially not a service contracts. Without boring you with all the details:

- 800 number tells me my part number is wrong (it's not) but that the part I need is in stock at my local repair center.

- Same 800 number can't locate that same center on their system to confirm hours. Says the location I'm asking about doesn't exist. (it does.)

- Phone number on internet is not answered. Nor are 3 different phone numbers given to my by different store locations in the dozen or so calls I placed, most of which either disconnected me when transferring my call or put me through to a line that was never answered.

- Was told that the parts/repair centers often don't answer the phone because everything is walk-in. (No voicemail for hours, how would I follow up on a pending repair?)

- When I finally got to the "non-existent" repair center, they confirmed that the part showed avail on computer, but they didn't actually have one.

- The explanation I was given was a shrug and "I just work here."

Note that as promised I did not give you all the details. Sears? No thanks.

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I think it can depend upon the location. I have been very happy with my Sears protection plans so far. They have been responsive, capable and worth the money I spent. We'll see how that holds up as time goes on. I just bought some new appliances and will find out if it holds true for them too.

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