Floor plan- size and flow?

love3blueOctober 18, 2012

Hello everyone!

For months, I've been trying to find a floor plan that fits most of our needs, we being a family of 4 (eventually 5) looking for a footprint as small as possible while still being functional. I came across this floor plan and almost everything about it appeals to me, but I don't really know how to analyze the size of the rooms not having much experience in this area.

What are your thoughts at first glance?

One question I have is about the pass-through fireplace. Any problems with this design? I want an open layout and I feel like this gives the two spaces definition without closing them off.

Another: Do you think it'd be possible to reconfigure the rooms so that they could share a proper Jack-and-Jill bathroom?

One more: The screened-in porch, we're thinking, would be changed to a covered porch since it has just one opening, and we'd screen in the small porch off the bedroom, with a deck connecting the two. Do you think 6'x~14' is too small to screen off?

Thanks so much!

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Oops! Correction:

Another: Do you think it'd be possible to reconfigure the children's bedrooms so that they could share a proper Jack-and-Jill bathroom?

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I would not enter a house directly into the living space unless it was half this size and maybe not even then.

I don't know what a Flex Room is.

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The family room/flex room.... What type of furniture would you need? Where would a TV go? what would you use the flex room for? It seems small, especially since you need walkways to use the exterior doors and to get to the stairs. You need to think about those questions and make sure the rooms fit your needs.

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Hi Renovator8,

Thanks for the feedback! I agree, I prefer a more separate entryway too. I'd think this would be pretty easy to modify, though, especially since I'd be adding a powder room toward the front of the house as well, but I'm happy to defer to those who know more about this than I do.

The flex room would be the "formal" dining area, and the dining area pictured the breakfast area.

I should mention that not pictured is the bonus room upstairs. The first floor is 1866 sq. feet, and the bonus would be an additional 288.

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Thank you! The TV would go against the wall shared with one of the kids' rooms- maybe built-ins against that wall? We don't want a ton of furniture, but probably a sectional, coffee table and if we have enough room, an additional chair? What am I forgetting?

I know it must seem small compared to some of the floor plans shared here, but I'm really shooting for as small as we can get away with while still comfortable and functional. I don't want a bunch of empty space, but don't want to feel like I have to inch by furniture to get from room to room, either.

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I think the dining area is too small. Our first house had one of a similar size, and it was a tight squeeze to fit in a table, chairs, and a high chair for our then baby. If you need a larger dining area for guests, Thanksgiving, etc. you could use the flex space.

I would also eliminate the wet bar unless you will use it. I would make that area part of the mud/laundry room.

I also wonder about the window size in the left bedroom. Will that room receive enough light with a single, and what appears to be small, window?

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Love3, this is a reasonably efficient plan and the rooms are adequate, but on the small side. The two front bedrooms cannot be reduced unless you are going to use single or bunk beds against one wall. The only way to increase the size of the bath for these two bedrooms (across the hall) is to reduce the size of the rediculously large master bath and closet area--an area that is always too large in builder's and plan factor house plans.

Why you need two porches in the back is questionable. Why not push the master bedroom into the space of the porch and use the vacated space for some useful living function--like the Jack and Jill bath?

Are you in an area requiring a screened porch? If so, screen the "screened porch" and add an open deck or deck with roof beyond that if you like to sit out back in good weather.

Good luck with your project!

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rrah, I wouldn't use the marked dining area as "the" dining area, just the breakfast area. As far as the wet bar, I think the area would be better put toward the mud room- thanks for the idea! The one-window bedroom is a good point, one I'll look further into.

virgilcarter, another great idea (pushing the master into the porch to make room for the Jack and Jill), thank you! A screened-in porch is a must for me, though. My husband was concerned that the one in the plan is solid walled on three sides and won't feel as airy as they usually do, which is why I thought a separate screened-in porch would be needed. Any thoughts on the existing screened porch and the fact that just one wall is "open"? An additional could be added off the master and the existing either made into a grilling porch, some of the space added to the living areas?

I didn't realize how huge the master bathroom was until you mentioned it, but I wouldn't know how to reduce it. It's a good thing to bring up to the architect if we proceed with this plan.

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Love3, your husband is right about the sense of enclosure to the existing "screened porch". This space could be increased by adding a "lean-to" screened in porch 8' deep by as wide as you'd like. The issue with a outdoor space off your master bedroom is that everyone would have to go through your bedroom to access the outdoor space. Probably not a good idea, particularly for small children and guests!

The architect of the plan could easily reduce the size of the master bath/closet area by 35%-50%, giving that area to the Jack and Jill bedroom, even compartmentalizing it so that two people could easily use the facilities at the same time.

A final thought: the location of the double-sided fireplace (a good idea) determines the size of the two adjacent rooms. If you like the plan and size of the rooms as is, leave the fireplace where it is. If you'd like the "flex" room to be larger than the "family" room, move the fireplace down approximately 3'-5'. Only a thought!

Good luck!

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The family room looks like it is going to be very dark.

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How often do you eat together as a family? I think that the breakfast area is too tight for 5 people, and to regularly carry food back to the flex space would be awkward. Having a single eating area would be more space efficient, and having it adjacent to the kitchen would make for better flow. Maybe you could flip the garage and kitchen, so the garage is in front and the kitchen is in back, next to the flex space?

Also, I agree with dekeoboe-- I would want windows in my family room.

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I have a young family too and I know we are mostly going to be in the living room and I would feel very "cabin feverish" if there are no windows. What is your lot like?

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I like it.

A couple thoughts:

- I personally wouldn't care a hoot for the wet bar. I'd have that small area incorporated into the mudroom/pantry, making it slightly larger.
- I'd rather have the drop zone in the mudroom/pantry as well. By definition, this is a clutter area -- why not keep it hidden?
- I can see the argument about the family room being "cave like", but it has windows -- they're just a bit removed from the actual room. You will have to have your furniture "pulled into the middle" of the family room to allow walking space.
-I wouldn't like that people on the screened porch could look right into my master bathroom, could even see me in the tub! I'd consider a stained glass window for privacy.
- The biggest concern I'd have is the small dining area. You could do away with the island (it looks a bit cramped anyway) and could use a rectangular table jutting out towards the kitchen. Of course, that's assuming that you use the same flooring throughout the space.

Can you send us a link so we can see the exterior view?
What's the overall square footage?

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