red lines under words

deener49November 20, 2010

when I type my name and addy on things Some words get red lines under them how do I get rid of them ? Thanks

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Its probably just telling you there is a spelling error. Things like your name wouldn't be in the dictionary.

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Your speller is telling you that word isn't in its dictionary.

The next time you see a word w/a redline, right click it, then choose the appropriate thing from the drop down menu. Among the choices are a list of words that might be the correct spelling; the word "ignore;" or the phrase "add to dictionary." Click on what you want to do.

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Maybe he doesnt know how to spell his name.

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Here is a word illustrating that the program which is doing the underline just does not recognize the word. On many blogs when I type the word "Obama" (just like here in Gardenweb) it will do an underline. Gardenweb also underlines the word "Gardenweb." When I compose an email in AOL the program tells me I have words wrong. But I know I can not be wrong because I spent 30 years working in Washington D.C.

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LOLLOLLOL fruitjarfla that was funny!!! I recall I made a mistake once, I thought I was wrong.

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If you know that a word is the way you want it and you don't want to see the red line under it, right click it and left click 'add to dictionary'. It's only your dictionary and won't affect anyone else's.

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