NXR Boston area?

renorosaNovember 24, 2012


We are very interested in the NXR 36" but cannot find one on a showroom floor anywhere in the Boston area. Trevor at Eurostoves said it's because there's so little profit margin on them that it's not worth it for the showrooms to keep them in stock and set up. Does anyone have any ideas for how we can see one? Are there any Boston area NXR owners who might let us visit theirs in person? I know that Costco sells them, but only on-line.

Thank you!

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Well number one I would BUY it from Costco no matter what.
Cant beat the warranty as you can literally take it back for a full refund probably more than a year later.

I assume AJ Madison might have them in showroom, they are in NYC.

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What Trevor said about margins is also in a thread from a couple of months ago. Margins on those stoves look too thin for stocking a floor model unless the dealer is selling a lot of them.

But, you might be able to find one for viewing by checking out real estate listings. I saw one ad here the other day that mentioned having an NXR stove, so maybe something will turn up for Boston in a house you could go see.

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