have 4 pans so far--

noodlesportlandNovember 4, 2008

I have been in desperate crazy need of new pans and decided that since they are to be new that I want USA or other than China made. In the last few days I have purchased with coupons/coupons/store deals, so have had good prices, a 3.5 qt sauce pan, a 3.5 quart soup pot (have used both pots and they are not redundant), a 12" and a 10" non-stick fry pans. Next I want a 5 qt. Le Ceuseat (sp?) stockpot and a 10 (12?)"?? Chantel pan--and cannot find this last one on-line but saw it in the store--it is enamel inside and $$$ but very nice

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OOPs those were all All-Clad

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Is there a question here?

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You certainly have a nice start.

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sorry--the question is about the Chantel--any opinions?

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From eGullet's Understanding Stovetop Cookware:

Enameled Carbon Steel
- Thin carbon steel with a coating of enamel inside and out to render the pan nonreactive.
- Extremely prone to buckle and warp, which often causes the enamel to chip. Relatively poor thermal conductivity and heat retention result in hot spots and inferior browning capabilities.
- Light.
- Extremely inexpensive.
- Common uses: Sauce pans, steamers, coffee pots. Cookware of this design is only useful for boiling water.
- Representative manufacturers: These pans are not particularly associated with any manufacturers, and they are all more or less the same.

Short answer: Pass on the Chantal, you can do better.

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Hi --thanks--The Chantel I looked at was, on sale, still around $180 so---I did want to know what you-all think of Chantel.
EGullet-this piece is not at all inexpensive--

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Is it 10 or 12 inch fry pans in Chantel you are looking for? Is there a particular reason?

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Please read the eGullet article thoroughly, as all of your questions will be answered. Chantal (note spelling) is the most expensive version of enameled steel cookware you can buy. Again, save your money and look elsewhere.

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Chantal makes a brand new, very expensive, copper infused non-stick that allows you to use metal utensils and wash in dishwasher. However, this is all according to a salesperson who dragged me over to see a pan. I have absolutely no idea if this is all true. I would be surprised if eGullet has experience with it.

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"I would be surprised if eGullet has experience with it."

Actually, the author of the eGullet article dismisses all of the current copper clad cookware, whether it's from All-Clad or Chantal. The copper layer is too thin to convey any of it's desirable properties, so it just ends up being window dressing to attract suckers, er... buyers.

If you want to experience the real benefits of cooking with copper, you need to but Falk, Mauviel, Bourgeat, etc. Full copper pans with an interior lining of stainless steel, with no cladding on the exterior. You can not put them in the dishwasher, but life is full of trade-offs...

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It's not copper clad. Supposedly, there's copper in the enamel. I'm only repeating what I was told, not promoting Chantal, which I do not own. I use Mauviel and Bourgeat copper and Le Creuset. I have read eGullet extensively and agree with the great part of what is written there. The cookware in question just came out, however.

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It is copper clad. You should watch Chantal's own promotional video before continuing to make that claim. The salesperson you spoke with is either uninformed or looking to make a sale.

From the Chantal literature:

Chantal's Copper Fusion provides superior versatility and performance with Copper Fused Technology and stick resistant cooking surfaces. Copper-Fused technology 6-layer cookware has the following layers:

  1. Easy Clean Top Enamel interior
  2. Durable Base Enamel
  3. Carbon Steel
  4. Fused Copper Alloy
  5. Carbon Steel
  6. Durable Base Enamel exterior

Features of Chantal Copper Fusion cookware include:

* The copper plate that is fused to the carbon steel core is an excellent conductor of heat, resulting in a pan that heats very quickly and evenly without hotspots.
* The enamel interior is the most stick resistant surface you can get that has no chemical or nonstick coating (with no PTFE or PFOA).
* Rivetless Stainless Steel handles stay cool.
* Broiler safe.
* Dishwasher safe.
* Suitable for use on all cooking surfaces (including induction).
* Safe for food storage.
* Does not react with acid or alkali foods.
* Made in Germany.

If you watch the video, you will clearly see the process where they weld ("fuse") a ridiculously thin sheet of copper to the bottom of the pan. It will offer NO benefits of cooking with real copper cookware.

"The cookware in question just came out, however."

Chantal makes two lines of enameled steel cookware, the standard and the Copper Fusion garbage. The OP didn't refer to either one, and I am contending you shouldn't waste your money on either line.

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I want to repeat Eandhl's question of what it is you are looking for in the 10" and/or 12" size. Is it a fry pan you want in those sizes? Are you looking at enamel coating for the non-stick properties? Then buy a cheap non-stick fry-pan like a Cuisinart which are pretty good, and reasonably priced. If you are looking to spend $180 on a real (not non-stick) fry pan, you shouldn't be looking at the Chantal. If I had $180 to spend on a fry pan, I'd buy a Demeyere Atlantis Proline 11" skillet, just $15 more at $195. Or the fabulous Demeyere Apollo Multiline 11" skillet at $162.

Really, if it is fry pans you are looking for, don't get the Chantal. You can do better. For example, if the Demeyeres don't appeal to you, or you want to spend less, you can get an All-Clad fry pan that is an "irregular" for a reasonable price at Cookewarenmore.com. I bought an All-Clad 8" fry pan there, and can find no flaw in it, even though it is supposedly an "irregular". A 10" All-Clad stainless fry pan is $71.40 there.

Demeyere Atlantis Proline 11"

Demeyere Apollo Multiline 11"

Cookewarenmore All-Clad "Irregulars"

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Hey-thanks everyone. The Chantel info was very helpful. I think I will pass. The piece I looked at was their newest line and has two handles and can go from the stove to the oven to the table.
Also,thanks for the info about Cookewarenmore.com. I had been wondering what "flaws" there might be--so glad to hear that they are fine. I am in love with my All-Clad. I use things for a long time and I am determined to get pans not made in China.

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I found some feedback on line at chowhound.com which has positive reviews for the Chantal Copper Fusion cookware. I've linked it below. Noodlesportland, as I mentioned in your other thread, you will get more results searching on line if you spell Chantal correctly, with an "a" (Joe_Blowe posted the spelling correction too, but you keep spelling it wrong, so you won't be able to find it online). You might even find better prices than the $180 "sale" price the salesman quoted you. Check out Amazon; they usually have good prices on cookware.

I too am curious as to which 10" (12"?) Chantal pan you were considering. $180 does sound like a lot so can you say which one it was?

Here is a link that might be useful: Chantal Copper Fusion Discussion on Chowhound.com

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Thanks-yes, actually I know it is Chantal.... Chantal Copper Fusion Dutch Oven - 4-qt. Red (832-200RE). Oddly I did not find it on their website. This is a local cooking store.

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juliet-that was good information. I have found it at Chefs Corner for about $179 (with shipping. The grey is quite attractive. Guess I will mull a bit...

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Noodles, I think I may be done here. You started off asking about a 10 in. or 12 in. Chantel [sic] "pan" (which most people would think you're looking at a frying pan or skillet), and now you're looking at an 8 in. "dutch oven" (832-200, which is 20 centimeters, or 7.87 inches), which appears to be redundant to the 3.5 qt. "soup pot" you've already purchased.

If you won't tell us what you plan on doing with this pan, we will not be able to help you any further.

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well, I do thank the posters here. I had looked at so many pans that I lost track of the actual size of the Chantal until I searched on line yesterday. I appreciate the information posted and the opinions. Thanks everyone.

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