Questions About Grill Pans

eric_92037November 20, 2007

IÂm thinking of buying a grill pan but have hesitated because I have questions about them. Do the drippings from meat create a lot of smoke in the kitchen? Does all meat have to be deboned before cooking? IsnÂt it difficult to get large pieces of meat done on the inside without burning the outside?

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Greasy meats don't do well on any inside cooking system...burning grease always creates smoke and vaporized grease.
No, all meat doesn't have to be deboned before cooking.
And if you are talking about a whole un cut chicken as a large piece of meat....I would guess it would be hard to get it done inside without over cooking on the outside....but not impossible.
A grill pan works on the same principle as does an open out door grill. Apply heat....meat cooks.
Linda C

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