Freezer Containers

JoshNovember 20, 2006

After posting on the Microwave cookware thread, I thought I'd add the best freezer/storage containers I've found. They are Cambro clear polycarbonate,, NSF approved, and can go from freezer straight to microwave for reheating. (I don't actually cook in them, just reheat).

They are completely clear including lids so food looks appetizing in fridge or pantry...I dislike those rubbery whitish plastics which never feel quite clean to me. Plus they come in all sizes from 1 pint to containers for 5 or 10 pound bags of flour, etc.

I'd had a few for about 10 years and just ordered more this summer so everything stored in my kitchen is now in clear containers. No more leftovers getting lost or fresh herbs forgotten.

The usual disclaimer applies...I have no affiliation with Cambro...just really like these products. They are used in commercial kitchens but I found online several places. josh

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