Stainless Steel Electric Fry Pans as seen used at Costco?

eburgsarahNovember 14, 2006

My mother has commented how much she would love to have one of the square stainless steel electric fry pans like they use for the demos in Costco. She's asked the demo people where to find them, but they don't know. I'd love to get her one for Christmas but I'm having trouble finding one. The cooking surface must be stainless steel (not a non-stick surface), and large enough to cook a batch of pancakes. Any suggestions to where I could find something like this? Thanks!!


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Target has a bunch....and I am sure other places do as well....just google square electric fry pan...or skillet.
Linda C

Here is a link that might be useful: target fry pans

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Thanks Linda,
However, I was looking for a stainless steel one, and Target only has 1 and it is a round one, not a square one and not nearly large enough. I have tried to google it as well and tried kitchen and restaurant supply stores and no one seems to carry them.

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I saw a stack of those at Wal-Mart just yesterday.

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I saw an all stainless square one without the dreaded non-stick at,of all places, Home Depot tonite. It was a brand I never heard of but seemed well built and sturdier than the aluminum teflon coated ones.

All our Walmarts only have the non-stick ones. Target is supposed to carry a round one by West Bend but I've never seen one off line.

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