Gienow or Euroline windows in Canada

loafer80October 15, 2012

We are building a new house in Vancouver BC, trying to figure out whats a good reliable brand to go with.

We are just going to go with white vinyl, but doesn't want to just use any low end windows.

Our contractor uses Gienow for all of his jobs. How good are they? I have heard Euroline is one of the best ones in town, how do gienow window compares to them?

Thanks in advance for your comments.

I have posted on the window page, but doesn't seem to get much traffic there.

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I'm not familiar with Gienow, but we are building in BC as well and we bought our windows in the US. Our window supplier still delivered them to our building site.

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Alex House

The thinking on windows is a tad different in some segments of the building industry in Canada than in the US. You should give some thought to high gain windows. The building code in bc stresses energy efficiency as measured by windows which keep the heat inside so lots of manufactures design towards that goal and they neglect the benefits of capturing the heat from the sun.

The upshot here is that you've got to take the initiative on this if this is the route you want to go.

Here is a bit more from the NRC.

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We built in Burnaby. I don't know alot about Gienow but do see them from time to time. There is alot of lower end vinyl made locally but Gienow appears to be a step up. Their website states they have assurances on delivery time....good to see.

I went with Vinyltek - Low E3, argon, double pane. They are local so warranty and other issues can be addressed. For example, they shipped standard glass for the window over the tub and had to come out to re&re with safety glass.

The other two I considered were Westeck and West Coast.

Eurolines are premium priced. They, along with Marvins, were well beyond our budget. You are making a good decision on installing quality windows - it's not something easily upgraded later.

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