metal marks on enamel surface

chokecherryNovember 4, 2013

Hi there. Have a bit of a problem. Was at a friends house for supper the other nite, and she made this wonderful dish, involving cheese, in her very lovely kitchenaid cast iron, porcelain enamel dutch oven. Without thinking, and she never said anything when she saw me do this, I proceeded to scrape the yummy burnt cheese off the sides of the pot...ON THE ENAMEL. Aaaahhhh. I don't own any enamel covered cookware, so didn't know that this is a big no no. I left gray tine marks from my fork on the inside of her pan. I didn't scratch it, as I wasn't digging on there like a barbarian, but just enough to leave those blasted gray lines in there.

Is there a way to safely remove those marks or are they on there for good, and I owe her a new pot? I feel sick to my stomach doing this to her new pot. Is there help for me out there? Thanks for any input.

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I had a similar problem of spoon marks on the inside of white mugs and posted the problem on a different website. Several people suggested Cameo Aluminum & Stainless Steel Cleaner as the best solution. I finally found it on line at It works very well on the gray marks. Good luck!

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Thanx for your input fogbound. I will see if I can find that somewhere here in Canada.

Have a great day

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