pressure cooker vs pressure canner

sunflwer51October 8, 2011

what is the difference between a pressure cooker & a pressure canner? I do water bath canning now & want to can some low acid foods & need to go to a pressure canner for that. I have a stainless pressure cooker & want to know if it's adaptable for canning.

Anyone have a recommendation on a brand and size?


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NOT an expert, but "think" it's just that you need a pressure cooker to pressure can... in home type stuff?!? Was gonna can chili, something ya just can't make a small amount of, and sister told me I'd end up killiing myself if I just processed in water bath like tomatoes or pickles.

Thinking if something is called a pressure CANNER, might be specifically just for canning, while a pressure cooker cand cook or can?

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I think there is a home harvest or canning type forum here. They probably know the definitive answer and can help you further.

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You can cook in a pressure canner. Many of the bigger ones are made of aluminum, though, which is reactive, and you might not want to cook a highly acidic recipe in it.

If you think you might be doing pressure canning a lot, you might want to consider WAFCO's All American line. They are built like a tank and will outlast you--your great grandkids will fight over it. Sorta pricey, though, but absolutely top quality. I had the 921, and gave it to a relative and bought the 930. The 921 was fine, but it could only process 7 quart jars at once; the 930 can process 14 quart jars at once, so it nearly doubled my efficiency. They are available at different internet outlets, with some (but not much) discounting.

Here is a link that might be useful: wafco all american canners

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A pressure canner must meet certain requirements. It must be able to hold at least 4 quart jars and must be able to maintain 3 different pressures - 5, 10 and 15 PSI.

Pressure cookers can be smaller.

All American is definitely top of the line, but expensive. Presto and Mirro are still making good products. You can always check out grandmaw's basement. :)


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IF you are interested in a PREMIUM 'Pressure Canner' such as an All American' (expensive)....AND you are the least-bit handy....perhaps this thread will be of interest to you ( an in-expensive alternative ):

Here is a link that might be useful: save $$$ top-quality pressure cooker-canner

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