Dishwasher without side vent?

aimskitchenNovember 11, 2012

We were planning to buy a KA dishwasher (KUDS35) to match our KA fridge, but I read on these forums that the KA dishwashers have a vent on the upper left side that can damage cabinetry. I'm trying to find an alternative, and am somewhat flummoxed as to which models would be a good alternative. I like what I hear of Bosch, but I also hear these are small in terms of load capacity; we have 5 kids still at home and need a roomy machine. I've been told GE units vent out the front, but am not sure how these machines perform. I haven't been satisfied with my whirlpool, but it's a lower end model that sounds like a jet taking off. I'd love to find a quiet, powerful dishwasher that won't damage my cabinetry with venting, and is less than $1,000. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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You should check more recent posts but I believe the problem with the KA DWs has been fixed.

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Look for a condensing type: no vent: the steam condenses on the stainless steel interior, allowing the water to drain to the bottom of the machine, into the actual drain. No venting needed. Bosch uses this method.

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GE has some new models out. I like the new silverware baskets. Check those out. If I had to get a new one I would consider one of them.

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I share your predicament. We also wanted a KA so we could get a heated coil dry. I'm not sold on the condensing models because I don't want to clean that nasty strainer or deal with the smell like we do with the sump in our washing machine. How do we determine if KA has fixed the vent so it no longer releases the steam onto the cabinets and have they fixed the problem that led to many circuit board fires?

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I've seen a service document (dated July 2011) on the KA venting design. There's some confusion going around on how it works, which is slightly different depending on the dishwasher model features.

Models that have ProDry with Fan-Assist:
1) The vent damper closes at start of the cycle and stays closed through the wash & rinse periods. If the ProDry option is selected, the vent damper opens at start of the dry period, the fan runs, and the vent at the upper side of the door functions as an air intake, not an outlet. The outlet is at bottom of the door and exhausts forward into the room. When the cycle dry period is over [Clean light is on], the fan continues to run with the damper open for 60 minutes. Then the fan shuts off and the damper closes for 5 hours [or I assume until the door is opened].

2) If ProDry is not selected, the vent damper closes at start of the cycle and stays closed for 6 hours after the cycle ends and the Clean indicator has illuminated. The damper opens if the cycle is paused during a wash or rinse period, then closes when the cycle is resumed. After the Clean light is on, the damper opens if the door is opened for 5 seconds or longer, and stays open even after the door is shut.

Models without the ProDry FanAssist option function as per #2 above.

In either scenario, the trick is to leave the door closed as long as possible after the cycle ends, up to 5 or 6 hours ... otherwise some moisture emission could occur out of the side door vent.

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I have the Kude70 Kitchenaid dishwasher installed in September. I can confirm it vents as noted above; in from side vents, out and up via a curved outlet at the bottom left of the door.

I use the heated dry if I am home during the day and need a quicker wash/dry cycle but mainly use the non-heated option when run right after dinner.

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I was deciding between the KA and Miele. I went with the Miele Diamond. It's a pleasure to use. I'm not sure if the KA you're considering has a cutlery tray, but several of the Miele models do, and it's great.

When I was deciding between the two, the Miele capacity appeared smaller than the KA, but GWers told me it's designed in such a way that you can load tons of dishes in it, and that's definitely the case.

It cleans like a dream, and the Diamond comes with a 5-year warranty (I have had to have a serviceman out to fix a bent prong).

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Just about anything not made by Whirlpool won't have a side vent. Many don't have a vent at all, including Samsung, LG, Bosch, Thermador, Asko, Fisher & Paykel, and (some) Miele and Electrolux. Not sure about GE, they often vent from the front.

From what others have posted, Whirlpool seems to have fixed the vent issues on most of their dishwashers.

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If the Fisher & Paykel reference above refers to DishDrawers, they do have an exhaust vent for forced-air drying. It's front-center at bottom of the drawer behind the front panel, blows down & out.

The upper drawer of a two-drawer unit blows out from the narrow gap between the upper & lower drawer. The lower drawer blows down to the floor.

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