Help: Sam's Club 's 'Member's Mark' Tri Ply stainless cookware?

Help_MeOctober 29, 2004


I am considering buying tri-ply stainless cookware but cannot afford All Clad. I was at Sam's Club recently and saw the Member's Mark tri-ply stainless set for $129. (It had 11 pieces). Does anyone have any comments on this set? I'm trying to decide if I should get this set or Calph Tri Ply Stainless.

Also, if I were to get only one item, which is more versatile: the saute pan or the frying pan? And, should it be 3 quart (which is usually 10 inches wide) or the 12 inch frypan? (We are a family of 4 with itty bitty kids who don't eat much). And do I really need to replace my stainless saucepans and stockpot (they have some kind of core on the bottom though not completely covering the base) with tri ply counterparts?

Thanks for your advice!

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You get what you pay for....
Why do you need a new "set" of cookware?
I would get the 10 inch fry pan....but neither All Clad nor the Sam's special.
I suspect that your stock pot and sauce pans are perfectly fine.
As for little bitty kids....they will be big honkin' teen agers before you can say boo....and will eat long as there is lots of it!
Get yourself a nice 10 inch non stick fry pan and wait a bit for the rest.
Linda C

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I agree with Linda C--if you need a big frying pan, place like Target/Walmart/Kmart you can get a good one fairly inexpensive. As to replacing your cookware, I wouldn't until you really need new ones. Your ideas will change as to what you want later. As a senior citizen I have bought many sets over the years, and now I try to buy only what I really need. Good luck on whatever decision you make.

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I read over & over not to get a set of cookware. But last year I bought a 13 piece Costco set...and wouldn't you know I use every piece. I am thrilled with the quality. It's probably not All-Clad, but it's 10 times better than my old stuff and a lot less expensive than buying individual pieces. My previous good pots were stainless with some kind of core on the bottom, but they weren't nearly as nice as the Costco set. The Costo set heats much more evenly. I think you can do a Google search and find info on that Sam's set. I recall the reviews have been very good.

There are some good reasons for ignoring the conventional wisdom of "don't buy a whole set."
1. All of your pots & pans are warped, old, and have no heat distribution properties (in other words, food burns).
2. You bought a new ceramic cooktop and you need cookware with flat bottoms.
3. You don't require the absolutly perfect cookware for certain tasks
4. You want to save money.

I say if the set feels good to you, the pieces are a step up from your old cookware, and the price is attractive, then go for it. As your cooking needs/techniques change over the years you can always add or switch out.

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I would like to read some answers to Help-Me's question, about the Tri-Ply stainless set at Sams, as I am interested in a less expensive alternative to All Clad.

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The Sam's Tri-ply set is a good one--and extrememly good value--and well worth the money, especially if you're cooking with run-of-the-mill cookware or are just starting out.

The construction is very similar to All-Clad and Calphalon's Tri-ply stainless lines. The middle layer of aluminum provides even heating all the way up the sides of the pan, and the stainless means it's easy to clean--you can put it in the dishwasher with no problem.

I am an avid cook (used to be a food writer), who is very particular about my cookware, and if I didn't already have a lot of cookware (All-Clad, Calphalon, etc.) I would have bought a set for myself. I did get one for my sister, who loves it.


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I just purchased the Members Mark tri-ply stainless cookware from Sam's Club last it, love it, love it. After cooking for many years with RevereWare and other assorted mediocre cookware pieces, I determined that the cookware I owned was not cutting it...I guess I never wanted to believe that my faithful RevereWare was really crummy cookware. After using friends' All Clad and Calphalon TriPly, I realized that the triply ply construction/aluminum core really makes a difference in the process and the results (versus disk bottom cookware, where the triple ply is only on the bottom of the pan). I had one piece of tri-ply cookware (a 2 qt. saucepan by Martha Stewart Everyday that I got on clearance for $13.00) and have loved it, but I can't find it any I was on the hunt for a reasonable alternative. I couldn't afford to purchase the necessary pieces I needed in All Clad and had read favorable reviews on the Member's Mark. It is a very comprehensive cookware set, and includes all usable pieces. I would say the performance is as good as All Clad, at almost one-quarter of the cost. I've always been skeptical of buying "cookware sets", but the value for the money of this set made sense. I also purchased 3 open stock pieces of Calphalon anodized non-stick on sale (a "chili pot", "everyday pan" and square griddle) for the times only non-stick will do. Run, don't walk to Sam's, and get that set. You will not regret it one bit.

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Can anyone tell me if 'Member's Mark' Tri Ply stainless cookware is available in the Sam's clubs located in Ontario, Canada. Around Toronto specifically?
If so, how much do they go for?

I would like to get All-Clad, but cannot afford it. I have been looking at Henckels new Classic Clad cookware also, which is also multi-clad all the way up the sides.


Here is a link that might be useful: My Kitchen Renovation!

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Also look at Cuisinart's Multiclad line. Very good reviews at Amazon. Cooks really well, is fully clad, and very easy to clean. It's also gorgeous cookware, and very reasonable.

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For Ontario, Canada...go to and search for Member's Mark cookware. It will let you know whether the item is available in one of your local Sam's Club stores.

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Hi mrsmarv,

They do not list stores located in Canada. So unfortunately, I cannot check.

I was hoping someone who lived nearby, could let me know. I live in Ottawa, and will be visiting the area in a few weeks, and would like to know if I should wait to buy that set, or try to buy something local.


Here is a link that might be useful: My Kitchen Renovation

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There are a couple of online retailers that you can get the set through. Do a web search on "Members Mark Clad Cookware" and they will come up. They are slightly more expensive, ~US$170 versus ~US$130 at the stores, and will also charge for shipping.

And for those folks who aren't Sam's Club is a nifty little trick... Go to your local WalMart and buy a gift card for $130+whatever your local tax is, then use that gift card at Sam's Club (you should make sure that the Sam's Club has the cookware in stock and on the floor at the time you want to buy it, before you bother to go to Walmart to get the gift card).

But Walmart/Sam's Club is evil!!! So I'd personally be more inclined to get the Cuisinart Multiclad (very easy to get a 10-12 piece set off of ebay for around $200).

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