seasoning cast iron waffle maker with unsalted butter?

jonibOctober 15, 2007

I bought two cast iron waffle irons. They will be here tomorow. I need to know how I can season them with out using any veg oils or cisco. None of these oils are good for you. I have done research on all these a few years ago. I only use olive oil and real butter. I know the olive oil may not work as well as unsalted butter.

Has anyone ever used that and can I use the unsalted butter. Also these waffle irons have long wooden handles. So you can't put them into the oven. How do I season them right with out putting into the oven?

The cast iron waffle iron I bought was by texsport.



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I would use canola oil. Butter burns at a much lower heat.There have been many rumors about canola oil that are not true. If this is what your concerened about see the link below

Here is a link that might be useful: Urban legends

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"I need to know how I can season them with out using any veg oils or cisco [sic]. None of these oils are good for you. I have done research on all these a few years ago."

Your research sounds like it's out of date, or you may have been woefully misinformed. There are relatively few (if any) dangers with any oil or shortening when used properly and/or sparingly. I'll leave it to you to update your own findings...

Considering you're using these products for initial seasoning, real lard (found in the refrigerator section and not on a shelf) would be your best bet. After the seasoning is complete, you could use safflower, sunflower or grape seed oil to coat the pan before cooking.

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Thank you both for anwsering my question. I forgot about butter burning at a low heat. I will be going to the store and buy some lard. I think that is the best over all. Thanks so much for the help.

I have one more question I am hoping someone can help me with. I know for seasoning a cast iron you put it in the oven. But my waffle iron has wooden handles that can't go into the oven. On instructions they say to season it on a grill. I don't know if my grill even works, haven't used it in years. Is there a way to do this on my stove, safely!

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I use crisco veg shortening for Seasoning then I wipe the pans with Canola oil after cooking. In my post above I included the link for SNOPES debunking the canola oil rumor. Its a very reliable site.

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Thanks Cynandjon,
Thanks for helping. This is the model and brand:
Texsport Model # 14472 This is the website I bought it.
I haven't tried to remove the handles. If I can I am worried they might not go back on right or become lose.

Well let me know what you find out. I couldn't find much info on that site.
Thanks so much.

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Below is a link I found when I was searching to a cast iron forum, they may be familar with your waffle Iron. I couldnt find anything, but if it was me, I would try to remove the handles. I have two Cast Iron pots with wooden handles and they screw right off.

Here is a link that might be useful: Cast Iron Pans

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cynandjon you are great. After reading your last post I got the confidence to try out the handles. And you are right they just screw off. I was afraid to mess with them in case I broke something or made the handles lose so that it would be to hard to work with. I can't buy anymore of these and I have never worked much with cast iron. Sorry to say I was very nerves about what to do. You have been so much help. Just reading that you remove wooden handles on yours I felt it must be ok to do so and not have them get recked from removeing them so much. So thank you thank you thank you. I am ready to go for it and season them. I am also following how you season yours. And I will follow the insturctions that came with the waffle iron. Then it would have to turn out right.

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Your welcome and Good Luck, below is a link with lots of information.
Ive had my cast iron pans for 30 years. SOme were my mothers and a griddle I have is over 100 years old. Im not an expert but if you treat them right they are better then teflon.


Here is a link that might be useful: cast iron care

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Jonib: Here is a very tardy answer to your question! I would use coconut oil for greasing your waffle iron (cold pressed, not virgin.) Two reasons: Coconut has a high smoke point and it tastes much, much better than anything listed above. (Think old-time movie popcorn. It doesn't taste like coconut, but adds a great depth of flavour to just about anything. VCNO -the virgin kind- DOES taste like coconut, so it wouldn't be appropriate.)

Also, I disagree with the Canola oil info. above. Canola is a byproduct and sold to customers as a way to maximize agribusiness profits. A good site to check out is the Weston A. Price website. Sally Fallon (and I think Mary Enig, as well) are very knowlegable about all cooking/eating oils. Snopes, in my opinion, is about the LEAST accurate site on the internet. Just check it out and I think that you'll agree.

I hope your waffles turned out!

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.....most any oil or fat would do in this particular application....even unsalted butter or Pam spray (not the high temperature product) for that matter. My personal preference is grapeseed oil for technical science based reasons.

FYI...both the chemical and physical properties of ANY OIL or FAT changes "drastically" during the seasoning process and the result is NOT HARMFUL TO HUMAN HEALTH.

Semper Fi-cus

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