Freezer Labels

holly_bcOctober 24, 2009

For years I have used Tupperware labels which peeled off excellently as long as they were removed quickly after leaving the freezer. Now they don't seem to be making them anymore. Sigh. So annoying.

Sooo I'm on the hunt for a substitute (other than masking tape) and wonder what you folks might recommend. I will be going to your wonderful country reasonably soon so even if the product isn't avail in Canada, if I have a bit of heads up, I can order and retrieve same.

Please - if anyone has lables useful for freezer labelling for both ziplock type bags and for containers, I would surely appreciate it if you would share.

Thanks so much,


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Years and years ago, I bought a roll of "freezer tape" that looked a lot like masking tape. Is there a difference?

For disposable ziplok bags, I'd just use a magic marker.

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Laminated P-Touch labels (by Brother) are fabulous for freezer use (or any!). They won't come off, can be sent through the dishwasher (still on the container) but will peel off and can be reused on other containers as you decide. Labels will stick to pretty much anything.

You choose your labeling machine (they have tons!) by what width tape you want - most common is 1/2 inch, but 1 inch is very useful too.

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I agree with Jessica on the Laminated P-Touch. Shamefully I have 3 label machines to support my anal habits.

Everytime I say to self "self, you will remember what's in this container" I disappoint myself in the end. Perhaps I take freezer labeling to another level as I keep like things together.

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'another level'.....I'll see that and raise you one...LOL

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Great idea Jessica. I'll have to use labels on my cats for the house sitter.

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