Attractive Pie Dish

hershigrlOctober 17, 2005

I'm looking for an attractive pie pan to use for potlucks and such.

What's the difference between this lovely one from Williams-Sonoma...

W-S's Pie Dish

And this identical-looking one from Target?

Target's Pie Dish

Besides the price, of course! Is there a difference in heat distribution? I hear that W-S's Emile dishes are made from some special Belgian clay, or something like that!

- HershiGrl

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I'd say the price. One is stone ware the other is the fancy named clay. I'd go with the Target one.

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Why....of course the WS one is from WS after all! How could it NOT be worth twice the cost of a Target one???
And that's another reason why I never shop Williams Sonoma!
Linda C

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I'm sure Linda and Liz are right but everyone who has one of the Emile Henry pie plates seems to just love it. They now have the fall color out which is a deep brown.

I don't hear anyone raving about their Target plate (but maybe the EH buyers need the reassurance?!?)


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