Kitchenaid Dishwasher FLOOD! - help!

MarkETNovember 24, 2013

I have a Kitchenaid diswasher that's developed a flood (not just a small leak). The model number is KUDE40FXSS. It's just 15 months old.

The dishwasher floods when it is filling with water. I removed the kick panel at the bottom and while laying on my back, I watched as the solenoid opened to fill the machine with water. There was a flood of water as though a hose was disconnected or something.

This flood of water was not coming from the left front where the fill hose and solenoid are located. It seemed to be coming from much farther back under the machine - I could not see the source.

Does this sound like it's a pump replacement or could it be a simple problem with a bad clamp? Does anyone know of any extended warranttee's on this?

Thanks in advance for your help!

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There's a known problem with a hose clamp coming loose on the pump on some Whirlpool-family dishwashers, which includes KitchenAid. I don't know off-hand if the fix is simply to reattach the hose and clamp, or if the clamp and/or hose must be replaced ... or if the entire pump is supposed to be replaced.

You can call KitchenAid customer service to arrange repair. They may profess no knowledge of it being a "known problem."

Or call any competent local repair service.

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or scrap it and buy a quality DW, like an Asko, Bosch or Miele.

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Was going to pop for a KitchenAid dishwasher this weekend to match KitchenAid range and refrigerator I have, but read horror stories about broken rack wheels and burning control fuses and fires on other websites, now looking for another brand.

Floods didn't seem to be a major problem on other websites for KitchenAid. My 15 yr old GE profile died showing a water leak, it was at the pump seal, a $.25 part, but would have required a $150 pump housing had they not discontinued it. For $.75 to a $1.00, they could have made the seal Viton material and it would still be running today.


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Our Kitchenaid KUDE70 dishwasher also had a leak around the pump about a year after having it. We bought it in 2010.

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Update: I've had a service tech here to check out the problem. He informed me it needs a new pump-motor assembly. Gave some thought to just scrapping it and buying a new dishwasher, but given that this one is just 15 months old, could not rationalize the cost.

New parts on on order and will be installed when they come in later this week.

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Update: Finally, my dishwasher has been repaired. It needed a new pump and motor assembly. Could not see where it was leaking from - can only assume that it was of the seal between pump and motor.

Total cost of the part was $239 Canadian. Total cost of the repair was $360.

If the machine had been a couple years older, we likely would have just replaced it with a new one. Given that it was nearly new, and it does work well, we figured it was worth fixing.

These are supposed to be "durable goods". Not so sure about that adjective anymore.

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I think if it leaks again opt for new. My GE profile no longer offered parts after 15 years for same problem.

Bought Miele ultra low end dishwasher for replacement. Too many bad posts to go for a KitchenAid dishwasher to match KA refrigerator and convection range. Watch out for the racks (temp embrittlement at upper rack connection) and thermal fuse issues in control. Known "bugs" of KitchenAid DW based on posts at this website.

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Are these expensive items to repair?

My thought is that if I can get 5 years out of this machine, then any problem will mean a new machine. If it fails before about 5 years old, then it will depend on how expensive it will be to repair.

For a new machine, I may look to something like Frigidaire which I understand to be more durable and easier to repair (I could be wrong about that). I might consider a Miele except that I'm kind of remote and nobody sells or services them around here.

Or just commit to washing dishes the old fashioned way. ...

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If your dishwasher is leaking for some time, you run the risk of mold developing in your kitchen. I would replace it immediately. If there is damage to your flooring and other areas, your homeowners' insurance may cover it...but not if the leak is of some duration.

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Just chiming in here but we had the same issue with the clamp disconnecting. It was replaced under warranty but the tech that did ours took an extra step and zip clamped/tied the pump in addition to replacing the faulty clamp with a screw clamp. This extra step stablizes the pump assembly so hopefully it will not disconnect again.

It appears that there is too much movement within the pump assembly that over time and with use the original clamp works loose = flood. So make sure your tech stablizes the pump when repairing.

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