New Miele Europa Ovens

NYChelenNovember 18, 2011

Does anyone know anythng about this new series of ovens? Any improvement or were they just the design used in Europe, now available here? The previous design for Master Chief now seems to be called Classic Series.

Thanks very much

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Looking specifically at the speed oven model, there's a new model number (Europa: H 4086 BM; classic: H 4084 BM), and design differences (clearly, Europa's square handle doesn't go all the way across, etc.). Both designs offer MasterChef and Chef versions (with/without programming). But I don't see manuals, either at Miele's site or at AJ Madison, nor lists of differences or new features.

With the prior model change, it took us several months to figure out that the wire rack had become larger/thicker and leaving it in during microwave cooking was no longer OK. These changes were never highlighted by Miele, so far as I know, though they did mention the newly added lower element.

Here is a link that might be useful: Miele ovens: Classic & Europa

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The manuals can be found on the Miele site; attached is the one for the MasterChef versions. I think only the style/handle is different between them. I would be interested in knowing the difference from the H4082 (and the Chef model differences). For example, is the user interface any better, is the interior easier to clean, or anything of interest, but I haven't seen a single review.


Here is a link that might be useful: Miele 4084/4086 manual

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Thanks for finding these manuals, Gary. [And "Boo" to the Miele webmaster who apparently thought linking to operating manuals separately from actual products was a clever idea.]

Looking through the shared H4084BM and H4086BM speed oven manual, I notice a clear description and illustration of the metal "combi rack" in this manual (pg. 14), along with the admonition to not use this rack with microwave Solo functions; my H4082BM manual lacked a drawing of this (then newly altered) metal rack, and so was less clear.

I'll try to scan through this online manual and compare it to my older paper manual later on, but I didn't notice any major differences in functions, features, etc.

Since Miele's manuals do not list the entire contents of MasterChef programs, the manual might not mention potential changes in those settings or options.

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OK, I've scanned over my print manual for H4082BM, comparing it to the online manual for H4084/4086 models.

Basically, several minor differences, but nothing of great interest (to me). The "change" I thought I remembered on pg 14 (above) was a false alarm -- just my failing memory.


Pg 9: Cut: Boxed sentence about liability removed.

pg 53: Added: "Press 'Start'" before opening-the-door step, describing how to use the Sabbath program.

pg 54: Cut: Omits "cannot accept liability" when people clean the oven with a steam cleaner.

pg 56: Adds: Glass cleaners may be used, but don't let them puddle.

pg 56: Cut: Lime removers and glass cleaners removed from the list of cleaners to avoid. New list to avoid has 8 cleaners, not 10.

pg 58: Change: Dropped "may void warranty" threat when repairs are done by unauthorized persons.

pg 64: Change: Dropped similar threat if repairs and service are done by unqualified persons.

pp 65, 66 & 67: Dimension change: rear width is now 22 1/16" (560mm); it was 21 9/16" (547mm). [This one might actually matter: not sure if its a change, or corrects an error.]

pp 65: Added: Now says ovens can be installed flush or proud; talk to your installer.

This years' manual is just as boring as last years' was; I may have missed some thing(s), so please read your own manual rather than relying on this late-night synopsis. On the other hand, I'm not seeing a compelling reason to trade in last years' version for the new speed oven (unless you really like that new shorter handle a lot -- and I haven't seen that version's manual).

Also did not look at the Chef version manuals. Basically, the Chef version replaces electronic MasterChef controls and programs with knobs, saving close to $1000.

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