Electrolux or Kitchenaid Oven (in wall)

punmanNovember 15, 2012

Have narrowed down our seach for a convection in wall oven.

The Kitchenaid in 20% more money but is also 20% bigger capacity. Otherwise similar features so we can't decide which is the better deal. The larger or smaller capacity is not a big deal one way or the other.

Would they be similar quality and reliability?

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IIRC, there have been reported problems with the KAs not surviving self-cleaning. Folks like the Elux.

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IMO the racks glide out much more easily on the Elux vs. KA. That was my experience when I test drove the feature at the stores.

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I have the Kitchenaid double in wall oven with steam feature. We love it. I hardly ever use my oven, but since we've gotten it, we've used it more than I have used an oven probably in the last 5 years.

We haven't used the self clean yet, but otherwise love it.

Our Electrolux appliances seem to be very poor in quality, lots of issues. I would personally avoid all Electrolux appliances from now on. My 2cents.

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twgg - the issues with KA are after the self clean. Do you also have an Electrolux oven? I'm not sure you can evaluate an oven of a certain brand based on owning a different type of appliance from that brand. That is why most posters here go with different brands. I am not bashing KA, I have a KA fridge that I like and has functioned well.

I have an Electrolux wall oven and a Wolf oven in a range. The Electrolux functions very comparably to the Wolf. I run the self clean with no problem and have had the oven for 4 years. I use it daily, it keeps the temp in a very narrow range and preheats to 350 in about 7 or 8 minutes. It also has a fast preheat but I haven't used it. Search KA and Electrolux ovens on these forums for more opinions.

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I've had my KitchenAid single wall oven (KEBS109BSS) installed for about an hour. I obviously haven't cooked anything in it yet but my initial complaints are that the fan is very loud and the oven seems to heat up the whole kitchen. I could feel cool air coming out as it preheated but once it heated up I could feel hot air coming out of the bottom.

I've read that all the new ovens with digital controls have loud fans which are necessary to keep the circuit board cool. How is that I never read this before I decided to replace my perfectly good, if ugly, GE builder-grade oven? It sounds like the wind is blowing outside, but no, that's just my oven. I've had the oven turned off for about 15 minutes and it's still blowing. Apparently it stays on until the oven is completely cool.

On the plus side, the inside of the oven is gorgeous. I love the hefty racks and the blue interior (which Elux also has). I do agree about the gliders not being the best but they are ok. I ended up with KA because we just bought a KA microwave.

My husband is on edge because he knows that I'm thinking of returning it based on the noise and heat factor. I did choose this oven in spite of what I read about the self-cleaning issues but had I read about the noise and heat issues, I would have purchased the damn DCS oven that I've had my eye on!


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I've had Electrolux double ovens for a little over two years and they've performed well for me. (as I've posted here many times) I love the roll out racks on them, they bake and brown evenly, and they've survived the self clean. I also have an Electrolux fridge and have been happy with it. And an Electrolux laundry pair that work beautifully and that I'm very pleased with. (10 mnonths on those) When I was researching and shopping, I felt that the appliances had a good solid 'feel' to them. I guess since I've had no problems and have been happy with the way my appliances perform, my perception is that the quality is 'good'. :-)


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I have a single Elux convection wall oven. We installed it about 7 months ago and so far it has performed perfectly. I use the oven a lot, for baking, roasting, broiling and dehydrating. It does all of these quietly and efficiently.

We haven't tried the self-clean yet, having heard about the potential problems. So far we've kept it clean manually with lots of elbow grease. It's still under warranty so perhaps we will work up the nerve to try it, but after the holidays!


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We have double Elux ovens that have performed beautifully for over a year, and a pair of Elux laundry appliances that we love (well, you know what I mean).


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I have had my Electrolux oven for 2 1/2 years. It has been nothing but problems! I have had repairmen out at least 10 times. The control board was replaced about 6 months after we got it due to F23 error. It happened Thanksgiving day 2011 and I got the same error again today! At this point, they are offering to pay for parts/labor or 1/2 off a new Electrolux oven. What?!! I need to replace an oven that I have had for 2 1/2 years?

The oven does not cook evenly. I have to take everything out and turn them around in order to have it cooked the same on both sides. That goes for the turkey, cookies, pizza, anything. Repairmen have been out numerous times to check the calibration, temp. etc and always leave saying they can't figure it out. I have spent days of my life with Electrolux and repairmen on this oven! I had health issues the past year and couldn't put forth the effort to fight it anymore.

I am soooo frustrated!!!

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DO NOT BUY Kitchenaid KEBS109 built-in oven. First time I used self clean, it killed the oven. After three hours, panel went blank, fans stopped, and door stayed locked. It was so hot that I was afraid it would damage my cabinet. Luckily it was still under one year warranty. The technician advised me not to use self clean in this oven.

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Selfclean kills control panels. It is not isolated to just kitchen aid or just you either. Break out the easy off and gloves. Good luck.......

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