360 vapor cookware

dcrbOctober 24, 2011

Has anyone seen or used this cookware? It is by Americraft and has all stainless steel handles. To my knowledge, it is the only waterless style cookware made in the USA with steel handles, rather than bakelite, or removable handles. It is 5 layers. I know there are a lot of folks who call this style a scam, but really, it is stainless, is pricey like some other more conventional brands, domestic and European. The big difference besides cost,is in the rim and lid design which does lend itself to another method of cooking.

We have 37 year old Lustre Craft that still works well. We also have AC d5 and Scan Pan Fusion 5. So, does anyone have any input or experience?

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You can cook waterless-ly in your microwave. I like using the Corningware bowls with glass lids for microwaving veggies or chicken. Lots cheaper than the pans, preserves nutrients, & no worries about toxic metals.

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