Fridge mount magnetic knife rack?

kmicklesonOctober 24, 2005

This type knife holder has magnets on the back which let you attach it to your fridge, which I require because I have no wall space for a wall-mount version of it. I bought one years ago from one of those chintzy catalogues like Harriet Carter or something--and I still have it but am looking to find a longer replacement. I've Googled every imaginable combo of terms, checked current "home" catalogues to try & find one to no avail. [Many wall-mount versions, but none with magnets to hold up on fridge.] I can't believe nobody's come up with a modern day version of this immensely helpful item. Anyone have any leads?



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Why don't you attach strip magnets to the back of a magnetic knife rack that you like. You can get adhesive magnet strips at the hardware store. You can even screw them to the back of the rack for extra strength.

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IKEA has a magnetic bar that's very strong. And cheap! I have a couple of fact, I picked up 2 for .50 each in the AS-IS room. It has mounts on each end, or it can be used magnetically (sp?).

If you live near an IKEA, it's worth a shot to see if it will suit your needs. If I remember correctly, it's $5.99 in the US.

Hope that helps!

Here is a link that might be useful: Magnetic Knife Rack Specs

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Thanks so much for your info. I had in fact come across the Ikea one on my search, but they didn't say it was magnetic on the back, so I was reluctant to order it. With your input, I went ahead and ordered 2 of 'em!

Again, thanks. Amazing how great these forums are for getting any obscure bit of information.


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Glad to have been of help! :)


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