Good stainless roasting pan for convection oven?

mr_jonesOctober 1, 2007

We have a new full-size convection oven. What's a good stainless roasting pan, with shallow depth, that we could use when cooking with pure convection?

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This is one of the few times when I prefer anodized aluminum...unless you are baking lasagna or other tomato based dish.
I think the one in the link below would be perfect for a turkey, beef or potk roast, a couple of chickens or about anything else you might roast.
Linda C

Here is a link that might be useful: claphalon roaster

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Like Linda said, if you want to roast meat, you'll want a dark pan. The Calphalon pan is perfect - dark metal with a rack. Juices crystallize in the bottom and become dark without burning. That makes the most wonderful gravy. That won't happen with a stainless pan.

Here's a link to a review of roasting pans, and Calphalon comes out best.

Here is a link that might be useful: roasting pans

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Another vote for the claphalon roaster. I love mine.

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I have a Calphalon Contemporary stainless lasagna pan and since I do not cook large birds or whole hams, it does just fine. I use a sturdy cake rack in the bottom (or better still a bed of carrots, celery and onions.)

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Just a thought for you. The first and last time I used my new convection oven to roast a small roast of pork, it was a disaster. I mean the oven was a disaster , the roast was delicious. I used a shallow roasting pan and during the roasting time I removed alot of excess grease. By the time the roast ws ready to eat, the oven was covered in grease from top to bottom. I should have read the manual first. The manual I got with the range said to use the supplied roasting pan with grid on top, as well as a convection rack on top of this. It said this would catch the excess grease and prevent excess spatter. I kind of have my doubts about preventing excess spatter.
They say to use this method so that air gets to the underside of the roast.
What do others think?

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I love my old enamel dark blue roasting pan. My bird or whatever I roast never sticks.

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I have not noticed a difference in how my roasts come out as long as I use a heavy pan. I have used both dark and stainless, Mauviel, All-Clad, and Bourgeat.

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I have a Calphalon classic anondized pan, which sort of matches my Calphalon all-stainless tri-ply. Also, I use the bake function on my convection oven when I roast a turkey or rib roast. This turns off the convection fan. Doesn't dry out one side of the meat. I completely seal the turkey with aluminum foil too. No basting, just roasting. Perfect meat this way. Do not use convection when roasting meat.

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I have Kitchenaid double convection ovens. I cover a turkey or roast for the reasons you mentioned and uncover for the last 30 minutes using a light foil tent over the top. I use aluminum for this pan.

Here is a link that might be useful: Turkey roaster

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Not using the convection feature on your oven for roasting is the most ridiculous thing ive heard.

Why do you think restaurants use convection ovens or alto shaam for cooking rib roasts and such?


Why else would you invest all that money in a convection oven? So you can bake multiple sheets of cookies without having to rotate them?

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