Removing Smells from Unglazed Cookware

zetteOctober 28, 2006

I have an unglazed casserole pan with a lid which I bought used without opening it. It smells like soap inside- big time. In fact I had to throw out the squash I baked in it. How do I get the smell out? I've tried bleach and baking soda so far.(Very strong concentrations.)Would charcoal work? Would it stain it black?

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Since you know it absorbs oder (and presumably chemicals too) I would not use bleach or other chemicals that you wouldn't want to eat!

Two ideas to try: Start with lukewarm water and then slowly add hot water to it (so it won't crack) with baking soda added, let soak, and then toss the water. If the smell seems to lessen, try it a few more times.

Also, stuff it full of crumpled newspapers and let it sit for a few days, replacing the newspaper once a day - this is how to get smells out of plastic, but it's easy enough it's worth a try.

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I'd put it into the dish detergent and 1/2 cup of lemon juice.
Linda C

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