I confess.....

kathyg_in_miOctober 22, 2006

I have a Veg-o-matic, still. It's my original one I bought brand new in the 70's. Used it for many years, but it hasn't seen daylight in a long time. Was on my hands and knees yesterday and spotted it way back in a cupboard! I've been keeping it for sentimental reasons....it's gotta go, maybe, next time I'm on my knees in that cupboard I promise to pull it out for charity. Promise.

Anyone else got a confession?

Kathy G in MI

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Fry Daddy....yep....way in the back of a lower cupboard.
I only hope it doesn't still have oil in it and am too chicken to pull it out and see.
Linda C

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lol Linda! Do you hear strange noises coming from in there? .......like the creature from the black lagoon?

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