Who has a front window into your master walk-in closet?

dbrad_gwOctober 11, 2012

We are trying to shrink down a plan we found online. The plan has a study near the front of the house that we don't need since we will be putting that room in the walk out basement, so we plan to save some space there. It makes the most sense though to move the master walk-in closet to that space and pull in that exterior wall.

At first this seemed really odd. Then I started looking at the other plans we were considering and much to my surprise many of them had the same scenario!

So has anyone build such an arrangement recently? How do you like it?

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Ours is, kind of. Our plan has these little "wings" that stick out on the side and are recessed from the very front facade. The one on the right is the window into my little office off the kitchen and the one on the left s in our master closet. We have plantation shutters for privacy and to keep the sun from fading clothes. I do like having natural light in my closet when choosing colors.

Here is a pic, the closet window isn't showing in this shot, but it is identical to the small window on the right side. HTH!

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That does help - thanks! Ours - if we do this - will be a more major window though.

Still concerned about this one...

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Our plan has the master closet at the front of the house (2nd floor) and the room has a window. Having had it in a previous house the natural light is fantastic for that space.

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DD's WIC is at the front of the house and has a small round window. Even though it's on the 2nd floor and the window is small, it bugged me that if the light was on at night you could see some of the hanging clothes and stuff on the shelves from the sidewalk outside. (It just looked kind of messy to me, but probably no one else cared.) I found a beveled glass, leaded window that is just the right size to fit in the frame. So natural light comes in but you can't see in.

If your window is big enough and situated so that someone outside could see in, and if you ever change clothes in the closet, then I would try to find some obscured glass or a sheer curtain for it.

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Our master closet has a window that faces the street and one that is on the side. The plan called for a window on the back too but I nixed it. How many windows do you need in a closet??? I do like the 2 windows we have, but I keep the blind mostly closed on the front and open the one on the side often.

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Depending on which way your house faces, you need to have a window treatment on it or your clothes will fade on one side.

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Our house has the master closet facing the front of the house with a window. Our plan is to just put a bench in front of the window and have some sort of window covering that blocks anyone from seeing in, but still allows light in.

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We had this setup in our previous home & I quite liked it. Like, PP, we had a little bench in front of that window and a we had a light filtering blind fo the window. I loved sitting there for a few minutes...to get away from it all. The bench can become quite the clothes holder too, LOL! I never had problems with clothes fading, etc, but always had the filtering blind..."down." The closet in the front, just worked for that floor plan.

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Our arrangement is very like nini804's.
We like it fine, and the natural light is a plus.
We covered the window with a light-filtering sheer curtain.

Of course, the window cuts down on rod space.

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We have a similar set up to nini. Plus the lot slopes down quite a bit so it feels more like a 2nd floor window. The window is also pretty high- 4 1/2 feet off the floor so privacy is not an issue. We dont have any window covering. I absolutely love having natural light in the master closet and wouldn't live without it. We also have a bench in front of it.

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Our master closet is also on the front of the house. We will have two windows with a bench/shoe storage underneath both and will have shelves for linen storage between the two windows. The House is not finished yet, but I do plan on putting blinds over the windows.

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We have a window in our master closet that faces the front. I don't know if you would consider it a major window but it is the similar in size to the other windows facing the street. Like most of other poster's weighing in, I like having access to natural light in my closet. I do keep the blinds closed most of the time, however. I keep a luggage rack under my window for ease of packing and unpacking since both DH and I travel for work but I like the idea of a small bench under the window...especially if it could do double duty as a storage chest.

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Long term exposure to lights fades and damages clothes.

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I've always liked this picture :) From Fairy tale cottage

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We had this setup in the last two homes we had. The gable that extends on the right side had windows to our master closet. We had a set of low, deep drawers underneath that served when the grandsons were babies as a changing table. The deepness of the drawers, built in by DH, afforded a great place for shorts to be stored, other things that don't fit in narrower drawers. We always kept the shutters shut except when showing the house for sale.

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Thank you all for the feedback!

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