Has anyone bought Corelle dishes lately?

cuddlepooOctober 25, 2005

I received a Corelle years ago as a young adult and considered a 'cheap beginner brand'. But after buying a much more expensive set as an adult that's known for quality (hah!) I've begun to think about those Corelle plates. They've put out a new commercial that really got me interested. I'm considering getting a few sets from the Hearthstone line. Has anyone bought this line? Did you get the square or the round? At $43 per four settings I'm thinking about just ordering without having seen them in person. We're a ways from any good malls so I tend to buy on-line alot these days, but I'm always wary of buying something I've never seen in person. Any input?

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Haven't bought a set in about 10 years, but they do last and last. If you are hard on dishes like I am, it's the only way to go.

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I too like the looks of the Corelle Heatherstone. Saw them in the store and was surprised at how heavy they were. Almost too heavy.

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Hi canvir! I have a question for you since you've seen them in person. On the Corelle website they show a view of the square dishes and I can see that the sides have a lot of slope to them. This is true of my current dishes and all the food slides towards the middle. So my question is did you see the round ones (specifically Hearthstone)? If so, were they flat enough to keep the food from sliding together? I hope this question makes sense.

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I have had my Corelle for years. The only thing that I've learned is that if they fall in a certain way, they will break and shatter into a "thousand" tiny pieces. But I'd replace them because they are so light and fit easily into the dishwasher. Other dishes I have had were almost too tall for the dishwasher.

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It's been several months since I looked at them. It was at Walmart and I only remember seeing the square dishes.

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Might want to check amazon.com on the Heatherstone.

There is more information you might be interested in including the price.

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I've been looking at some of the new patterns, too. I like Radiance and Memphis. There's another pattern I like..I think it's called something like "Cajun" or "Gypsum". I've only seen it in the stores briefly, but can't seem to locate it any more.

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I did see the better prices at Amazon.com. I stopped by Walmart today but they didn't carry the Hearthstone line, so I think I'm just going have to order them without seeing them in person. The only problem is that I love the green color but that only comes in the square plates with the slopey sides. I think I may get a set of both the yellow and red in the round, but get the green for foods like stir fry. The pictures on the Corelle website where they combine the different color sets are really nice looking.

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Sounds great Cuddlepoo. Enjoy!!!

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Not having seen recent Corelle, I'm wondering if it's the same product as what everyone here knows and loves? I know that their Corningware line line was changed recently from high-tech glass to plain old stoneware, and I'm suspecting (without proof) that the same thing has happened to Corelle--that it's Corelle in name only.

Does anyone know if the current generation is still the same stuff?

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That's so weird that I stumbled upon this thread! At WM recently, I was needed some "mid-sized" plates that would be good for the kids, since my everyday stoneware has HUGE plate that don't fit well in the dishwasher.

So I saw the Corelle, and I had no idea it was good-looking these days. I wanted a very plain bone-coloured, round plate - a hair bigger than an average salad plate.

I don't know if they used to be made of some sort of glass, but these feel like heavy plastic and that's exactly what I needed. I would've bought a set, but didn't need the cups and saucers. Planning to go back for more plates, and some rimmed cereal bowls. At that price, ya can't beat it! (I even saw some flatware sets at WM that I'm lusting after - who'da thunk it?)

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I am very interested in buying the Hearthstone in Tumeric - but my husband is worried it may be too yellow but that's hard to tell by just an online photo. I'd like to find a retail store that sells them but do not know of any. Thinking of taking a chance and ordering online and if we don't like the color I guess we can return them.

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I purchased Corelle's Hearthstone at a Corelle Store near me. I chose the square plates and returned them the next day for the following reasons. The dishes are almost totally flat and cannot hold a nice serving size of sauce or gravy. They do not have the necessary curve to them to hold food nicely. Most importantly, I dropped a dish and it shattered to bits. The Hearthstone pattern is made by Corelle but it is stoneware and very breakable.

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It sounds like my speculation above is indeed true--Corelle isn't Corelle anymore, it's just a brand name that's been sold off to some folks who make stuff that's nowhere near as durable as the old Corelle. :-(

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Corelle Hearthstone is indeed stoneware, made by their "overseas partners," as the website puts it.

A top of the line real Corelle would be their "Ultra" line--thicker and a little heavier, and less prone to sticking together in the dishwasher, which was always my main complaint about the old Corelle.

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I bought a couple mid-sized Corelle plates a few years back at WM, and last week DS dropped one, and it shattered into a million pieces. I thought that wasn't supposed to happen?

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That's my point. I don't think Corelle is actually Pyro-Ceran anymore, or whatever it was that they called it. Corning sold off the Corningware and Corelle names to people who are making garbage and passing it off as the original stuff. At least, that's my understanding--If I'm incorrect, would someone please correct me?

I know that selling brand names is done all the time. But it seems to me that it's a form a fraud; the "goodwill" that a brand name has acquired over the years is due to the efforts of the particular organization that made the products, and the level of quality that they produced. When someone else takes over the brand name, and uses it to refer to something completely different, they are misleading people into thinking that they're something they're not. In my book, that's fraud, even if it's done in a way that's technically legal.

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Same thing happened with Magnalite. World Kitchen (the former Corningware company) also makes an aluminum cookware they call Magnalite. The World Kitchen Magnalite is manufactured in China and is all aluminum, not an alloy. The lighter weight World Kitchen Magnalite pots are NOT the same as the original Magnalite manufactured in the USA.

American Culinary Corp. bought the patents and manufacturing processes to Wagner & Magnalite cookware in 2000. They're acquired the original molds and will have new Made in the USA Magnalite pots on the market in January. I think you can actually buy direct from their site now.

Here is a link that might be useful: Magnalite ... the real thing

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SolarPowered, Corelle still comes in the pyro-ceran stuff. Most of their line is still made in this material, in fact, and they are still releasing new patterns in it. I just bought some and love it for its light weight and durability. Of course, dropped the wrong way and it will shatter into a million pieces. This stuff always has, though. My parents had an old old set that did the exact same thing.

What others here are talking about is their Hearthstone line, which is not pyro-ceran but stoneware. And apparently not very good stoneware at that. They may even have other higher end lines, I don't know. This stuff is NOT the old-style stuff, just a different product made by (for?) Corelle.

But yes, the stuff you're thinking of does still exist. Walmart sells it, in fact, although their selection is limited.


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I saw a segment recently where they showed Corelle being made. I am fairly certain it was the Unwrapped show. They said they were still using the same process with new patterns.

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Jecca, thank you. I stand corrected.

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We needed dishes for our camper, so I bought the plain white round Corelle plates. We liked the way the food looked on the plate--no design to take away from it. Then we bought it for the house, too. It's very light and cleans easily. Like SolarPowered mentioned, the Corningware line is just stoneware. Hope you are happy with the Hearthstone.

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I was sad to see the Corning ware change from glass to stoneware. It's lost some of it's beauty since it's now grey and chalky looking instead of clean and bright. I have for the past 18 years purchased plain white Corelle and thankfully, it hasn't changed a bit. Thin, lightweight, and easy to store. Yes, the shards fly when it breaks (very dangerous) however, we've learned to be careful and in my family of nine we don't drop more than a dish or two a year. And they can be replaced at Walmart for $1.97 a piece, how can you beat that? Theoretically, I've had the same set of dishes for 18 years... I've only added to my set and replaced some broken dishes. I can store 12-24 pieces of each type of dish (small plate, luncheon plate, dinner plate, small bowl, medium bowl) one one shelf in my kitchen cabinet. We use quite a few dishes every day. I just wish that Corning would make the French White out of glass once again.

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I have been using stoneware for years and decided it was time for a change. I went today to purchase some Corelle and like the square dishes. They do seem as thought it'd be hard to keep the food on them though. Also, I looked at the Hearthstone dishes. They are great looking dishes and I fell in love with them right away......that is until I picked one up. They were heavier than my stoneware!! Needless to day..I came home empty handed. : (

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I bought my mom some Corelle this past mother's day. Some of their patterns are like the old Corelle we've all known for years, but some is nothing but a stoneware. You just have to check out the style and if it looks like the older stuff then it will last like the other stuff. I got mom, the Watercolor pattern and it's really pretty in person.

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I just purchased the "glass" Corelle dishes, and they are exactly the same as the old Corelle from years past.

It was a big decision, but I decided to go with the Shadow Iris pattern for my 10" and 8" dishes, and plain french white for deep bowls and shallow bowls.

I found it to be more economical to purchase individual pieces at the Corelle factory store instead of buying full sets, which included pieces I didn't need. Plus, I wanted at least 12 of the 10" plates.

I love the Corelle dishes. They wash easily, whether by hand, or in the dishwasher. They stack wonderfully in my cabinet, and they haven't chipped yet. (Knock on wood)

I highly recommend them! Check out Amazon and Epinions for lots more good reviews.

Here is a link that might be useful: Check out the Corelle website

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I like to use pyrex but the designes on Corelle are really yucky to me. I kind of like the out of service Serenity pattern though. I read a review that Corelle sets often have mismatched cups because the cups are made in a different country than the rest of the sets.

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ossienyc, I have to agree that some of the patterns aren't that pretty, but the Watercolor in person are much prettier than in the pictures. I ordered them for my mom going strickly by the pictures and was thrilled when I saw them in person. What's nice about this pattern is the white or cream colored serving pieces look good with them too.

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I've had a set of the 'old-style' white Corelle for a year now, and the plate edges are becoming very rough, looking like the glazing is chipping off. I've had other Corelle in the past and the same thing has happened to all the edges, some of them becoming sharp and unuseable. I bought a Bosch dishwasher a year ago, and it's still happening. I don't use lemon detergent or Cascade. Has anyone else had this problem?

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I like Corelle because they are light, easy to store but eventually replaced them with other dishes because they got too hot in the microwave. I gave them up for that reason alone. Anyone else find that to be the case?

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Gosh, I've had mine for about 12 years - Corelle Abundance - and have recently added to the collection. Maybe it's because it's the older stuff that I don't find that it gets too hot in the MW or DW. But yes, it does shatter in a strange way. We broke one of the plates in our travel trailer - English Breakfast pattern. Pieces of Corelle were all over that cabinet!

I've been more than disappointed about the glassware that goes with it. We've broken too many of the 16 oz glasses and can't seem to keep the juice glasses around either...and the latter goes for a premium price on eBay!!!! But we haven't broken any of the dishes.


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I replaced my Corelle a year ago with a Dansk stoneware because I was tired of the pattern. What a mistake. The expensive stoneware chips, cracks and has black marks on it from forks and knives.

Oh how I wish I had bought good old Corelle. The only problem is the patterns all look like they belong at your grandma's house.

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LUV,LUV Corelle ware dishes! I've used them for years.I usually buy two sets, one w/a pattern & one plain,then mix & match pieces. There Wonderful & Last years!! You couldnt set a more beautiful table. A user FOREVER! razenette

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Wow funny this thread is here...My sister and I share the holidays now (Thanksgiving and Christmas) We both own china service of 12 but of course different patterns...Anyway we usuallay seat between 24-30 so we use good quality paperplates (YUK!!) so we decided were gonna buy a good set...we like the traditiinal Lenox Christmas with the ribbon and holly and this morning i was online and came across Corelle's holiday dishes...granted its not China but the Lenox will run us at least 4000.00 and the Corelle 500.00 and we wont have to cringe everytime someone makes a move at the dining room banquet table!!! Big fan of corelle and the holiday patterns are beautiful. Think were gonna go this route I emailed them to ask if they had and plans to make ones for Thanksgiving....My dream for sometime now is to purchase JOHNSON BROTHERS AUTUMN MONARCH!!!!!! Will buy at some point off Ebay or Replacement Ltd i think Hubby will choke me LOL!!!

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I have service for 8 in the Sandstone pattern. It's a plain, pretty bone color that's very nice. I had the Ultra before in the Eggshell, and they were heavier, but I like these better. Easier to wash, stack, and handle. I'm not too crazy about most of the patterns, but these are simple, neutral and clean looking. I didn't find they get too hot in the microwave.

Bone china is prized for it's strength, light weight and commands a premium price. I don't see then why the heavier Ultra line is more desirable. I found them a little heavy and hard to handle.

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