Still searching for a griddle

elisamcsOctober 4, 2006

Has anyone used the two-burner griddle from Sam's Club? It appears to be anodized aluminum, and comes with egg rings and a press and is very reasonably priced. I'm wondering if it can be used on a radiant - not induction - cooktop.

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I'm still looking for one also. I don't care if it's electric or burner type. What I do care about is the surface material. I WANT stainless steel and everything seems to be non-stick of some sort. Having used both, I believe strongly that the texture of pancakes cooked on SS are so much superior that I just won't purchase anything else. So, I have to keep hoping/praying that my 30 year old General Electric griddle keeps on going. The thermosat is a bit flakey but I sure do love that griddle.

Good luck in your search.


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