Flatware 18/10, 18/8?

sue36October 31, 2006

I want to get new stainless flatware to use for holidays. Nothing too expensive. This is going to be my bulk "catering" set for when I have a lot of people. The Towle pattern that I have and love has been discontinued (isn't that always the way), so I can't add on to it. I've look into "replacements" type places, and they are too expensive.

I like the Gorham Shell pattern, but it is more expensive than I want to spend (about $280 for a service of 12). However, I found Gorham Shell II for about $130 on QVC. It seems that "Shell" is 18/10 and "Shell II" is 18/8. I know that means Shell II has less nickel, but is this really an issue?

What do you think? Just so you know, if you like Shell buy it now, because the second I buy it, they will discontinue it (always seems to happen to me, whether it be flatware or china). ;)

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The difference in the amount of nickel in the stainless may affect the look of it. 18/10 always looks brighter, shinier, more....ummmm...expensive.

If it were something like flatware, I would want to see them side by side to compare. But that's just me.


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