Wolf AG (older style/model) broiler not working

cat_momNovember 3, 2013

The broiler in our 2008 Wolf AG range appears to be malfunctioning (not lighting). I tried doing a search because I thought someone else had experienced broiler problems within the past couple of years, but couldn't find the thread.

We will place a call to Wolf this week, but was wondering if others have experienced issues with their broilers, what the problem was, and how it was resolved.


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Does gas flow to the element when you turn the knob ?

Could you light it with wand lighter ?

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Yes and replaced ignitor about 4 years ago when range was 6 years old. Around $250, don't know if you can do it yourself or not. Has worked fine since.

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Great--ours is about 5 yrs old so I guess I shouldn't be too surprised, though not thrilled(!).

Did you replace yours by yourself teachmkt or have them come out to do it?

Just spent $240 to replace some parts on our Miele DW recently. *sigh*

xedos--yes, gas definitely flows (you can smell it), and there are some intermittent blue flames floating around the broiler element/top of the oven cavity, but the broiler doesn't appear to "catch" or glow red.

No desire to stick a match lite in there. Will do the burners with it when the power is out, but that's about it.

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Our Wolf AG broiler stopped working at 8 years and we were informed it needed a new broiler burner. We had that replaced and it now works fine. Not long before that we needed a new bake burner. Neither was a terribly cheap part or repair, sadly. But when I look at other appliances we have had, almost all of those with electronics needed an expensive repair (under warranty) in year 1, so I am reconciled.

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We have a service appt scheduled, so I am glad to read that those who've experienced this issue (or similar issue), were able to have it resolved.

palomalou--we also had our oven burner tube replaced (if that's the part you mean) a year or two ago. Thank goodness Wolf is/has been as responsive as they've been with any problems we've had over the years. Service tech wasn't convinced there was a problem, but the new part was ordered by Wolf regardless (we called the person at Wolf who'd set up the appt for us, while the tech was here). It was clear when the old part was removed, that it was defective/damaged. The new part resolved the issue we were experiencing, so I could resume baking with less trepidation--except for user error of course! :)

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Resolution: clogged broiler orifice; now unclogged!

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So glad it was easy! You didn't need more aggro with that.

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Thanks roc! I agree!!!

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Hi Cat_mom

how did you go about unclogging the broiler. I might have the same issue. Only portion of broiler is working. I had a tech service this years ago but I think it got clogged again.

I have a couple of other issues with the stove ( 1) fan noise, 2) using the oven and the stove causes the igniter to continue to click, 3) one of the burner doesn't activate the igniter and I have to use a match to light...). I have live with the other issues but this one bothers me the most...

Thanks for your help.


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Maybe this will help. The broiler has this mesh like material that shape like the letter "H" (sideways). That part lights up but the portion that doesn't light up are the 2 square plates (5" x 5"). They are covered with grease from my other cooking adventure.

I can't recall but are the square plates suppose to light up? Can I clean them?

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The broiler itself wasn't clogged, rather, it was an orifice in the back of the range (located on the outside the range--you have to remove the trim piece in back to access it). I didn't do the unclogging, nor did I see the actual piece/orifice, or its exact location either, the tech took care of it.

As for your range's other issues, I'd have the range checked out by a service tech. The burner issues could be igniter-related.

Good luck!

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