Need new non-stick cookware help

gambleressOctober 31, 2009

I a am trying to decided between Emrils anodized all clad 10 piece set and Analons Advanced bronze anodized set. Has anyone had any experience with either? I have a cast iron skillet for my corn bread and stainless pan I use all the time for browning and general cooking. I am wanting a matching set for everthing else.

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Why do you want a matching set? Generally, it's not a wise buy.

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My MIL gave me a gift card for a set, my saute pans and non stick are worn out, so I would like to use for a nice set that will last to use with my Stainless that I use a lot. We also have a new home and would like to clear out some stratched up pans that have been getting me through for veggies and misc.

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Sets are usually very impractical because you don't get use out of several pieces. Is the gift card useful for individual pieces? I'd probably buy what I really use, and forget about some of the pieces that come with a 'set'.

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I may, but still would be between Emril All Clad and Anolon. Do you know which holds up better?

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Consider also Infinite Circulon made by Meyer, the company that makes Anolon. So far, it's the only anodized aluminum cookware that's induction ready and dishwasher safe (though I can't imagine anything leaving a mess that wouldn't clean up in the sink). The $60 pair of 10" and 12" skillets is a steal.

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beachlily z9a

Just because Emerilware is made by AllClad, don't believe you are getting Allclad quality. I purchased a stainless Emerilware set when I purchased my induction range in July. Paid $119/set--cheap and worth exactly that. Piece by piece I'm replacing it. The one piece that I'll keep is the Chef's Pan--picture a wok crossed with a stock pan.

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I would check out the all clad seconds at or check out williams-sonoma outlets. The pieces I have purchased have just had slight blemishes in the handles. You can't beat the prices.

Here is a link that might be useful: all clad seconds at cookwarenmore

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