decent flour sifter?

asoloOctober 17, 2010

Been through a number these over the years after mom's seventy-year-old unit finally wore out. All I've been able to find are real junkers that don't work well even when new and don't last anyway.

Any of you folks know of a good one?

(From reading previous post from 2007, I am aware that many people don't sift anymore. Don't need to hear it. I just want one.)

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I just use a fine metal sieve. The sifters on the market now are real junk, I agree.

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I recently got an OXO, mostly because it has the covers for both ends. It's nothing like a good old sifter. It's the kind you shake back and forth, which is easier on the hands than a lever sifter. I don't care for crank sifters. Sometimes it needs a good whack on the side because it gets stuck, but I think that is with heavier, stickier flours, like garbanzo flour. I don't need to sift all purpose or bread flour often. It's a lot better than most of the sifters I've looked at recently. Easier than just using a sieve. It's not "junk", but I don't know if it'll last 70 years (I won't).

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plllog, I'm curious as to what you make with garbanzo flour. I see it at our middle eastern stores and always wonder. I'd love to see a few recipes.

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Lehman has the old fashioned flour sifters. Not cheap, but good cooking utensils usually aren't.

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Calliope....thanks for the tip about Lehman's. Never would have found it. Now I have to decide if I have any $50.00 flour-sifting problems. Do notice that model, apparently their best, is back-ordered so somebody other than me must be interested.

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