Emile Henry Flame Top

kbuzbeeOctober 28, 2005

Has anyone here tried these??? I'm looking for a casserole, around 4 quart. Right now I primarily use my Pampered Chef large round baking pan for things like this (or a Calphalon covered roaster for pot roasts and such). I like the Pampered Chef peice alot and am also considering their roaster. I see a lot of folks here seem to like the Le Creuset pieces. I've never owned one but for some reason they just never called to me. Maybe owning one would change that. Any opinions here, pro or con??



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I had a lovely EH 9x13 casserole that I accidently tapped on the lip of my granite counter. Immediate crack.

I replaced it with a Le Creuset casserole from an outlet store; much cheaper and just as beautiful.

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Thanks LivvysMom, I had seen your earlier post. Always sad to loose a favorite piece like that. I know clay/stoneware is certainly less durable than Le Creuset. And I'm sure the Le Creuset does a good job (for less, as you say). I just suspect the Emile Henry will cook "better" (okay, define that!) It's just 'in my head' you know?

I found a Le Creuset (3 qt?) at TJs for $80. Seemed like a good deal but I wasn't sold. The finish takes some getting used to (that wild red) and it had a phenolic handel on the lid... Not sure how that would handel extended cooking. I'd have prefered they just made that of enameled cast iron as well.

I also stopped by Williams-Sonoma (the only place I found around here that even carries Emile Henry) but even they don't carry the Flame Top line. I've found it online only. It looks great there but I'd like to 'hold' a piece before laying down that kind of cash.

I doubt anyone here has tried these (there aren't even any reviews on epinion) but it was worth asking. EH has a great reputation so I expect these to be up to their standards. I'll probably hold off. It isn't a critical need or anything, just the season where you start thinking about those kinds of warming meals.

Thanks for your input,


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Ken, have you or anyone else taken a chance with the Emile Henry Flame Top?
Several years ago I found some Emile Henry bakers at ridiculous clearance prices. I never heard of it before, but it looked good so I took a chance. It really is a pleasure to use the EH. The food looks better, cooks evenly, and clean-up is easy.

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No, sabrinajk, I never did pull the trigger on this. Picked up some cast iron (both Lodge and Le Creuset) that I love and is more durable.... I have several EH baking pieces as well, but, honestly, I use the Lodge, even for baking. I've made several cobblers recently in a 12" Lodge skillet that came out wonderfully!


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From what I can see by looking at the EH flame top online, its only advantage over Le Creuset is that it can go in the microwave.

Personally, I like Staub but do have one Le Creuset. My EH pieces are their regular line, not the flame top.

Staub does a wonderful job of both browning and braising. I don't miss the fact that I can't put it in the microwave at all. If I wanted to reheat the food that way, I simply remove it and put in a microwaveable dish.

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Hi Everyone:
I'm new to this board but passionate about cooking and the equipment to get the job done. I own a Le Creuset round casserole as well as a number of Emile Henry baking and dinnerware pieces. The Le Creuset is indestructible. My husband makes old-fashioned popcorn on the stove top by dumping popcorn kernels and oil in the bottom of the pan and then turning up the heat! I told my friend and she cringed and said my pot was ruined...yet it looks just like new and cleans up great. I can easily brown meat, sweat onions, etc and cleanup is a breeze (unlike my lodge cast iron pan). I'd definitely like to see how a Le Creuset skillet compares to the Lodge when cooking steak.

As for the Emile Henry, up until a few months ago I would have heartily endorsed there products as well. Clean up is a breeze and the colors are great! However, I have had 2 bowls mysteriously crack on me without any know reason. Both cracks were noticed while hand-washing and they have never been placed in the freezer, microwave or oven (I of course know the stove top is a BIG negative!) Anyway, I was planning to buy lots of dishware because of its reputation to withstand chips/cracks. I have a large platter which my husband knocked off the wall but it bounced on our lino without a single scratch/chip! Anyway, I don't own any Flame line products but after these last few months would caution that it may crack/chip as well. I'd like to know if the defect is in the bowl (both are the same design- pasta bowls) or if I should reconsider buying more Emile Henry. Anyone have any experiences (good/bad) with Emile Henry?

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Maybe I can help the Le Creuset/Emile Henry debate with a little info. Le Creuset is cast iron (best material for distributing and holding heat) with an enameled surface (for easy clean-up). Emile Henry flame top is expandable ceramic. It is as close as you can get to the fantastic browning capability of cast iron, the advantage being it is 1/3 the weight. My EH flame top cleans out a little easier than my Le Creuset, but not as easily as the regular EH ceramic baking dishes (their surface is smoother than glass, so even twice-baked lasagna is a quick clean). Emile does warrantee their product, so if the chipping or breakage appears to be a manufacturer defect, call them for a possible replacement piece.

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Thanks, forget-me-nots, for your comments about the EH flame-top ovens. The LC is just too heavy these days for my mom, and we were considering these instead. It is good to know that they can perform as well as LC before making an expensive purchase.

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