Found this cookware deal... Is it a great deal???

serranteOctober 13, 2005

I found the following cookware on sale for $209.00...

Cuisinart MCP-12 Multiclad Pro Stainless-Steel 12-Piece Cookware Set

It sounds like a good deal, but want to see if more savvy shoppers think otherwise...

Thanks for the help...

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If you know you'll actually use the pieces in a set -- or if you'll keep what you'll really use and give away the rest -- then a set can be a very good deal. But if you buy it as a "great deal" and then realize you don't have a big pot you want for boiling pasta water or that you want a tiny pot for melting butter or chocolate or such, then it's not such a great deal.

Personally, I don't believe any cookware material is ideal for all kinds of cooking; a clad product like All-Clad or Multiclad probably comes closest to "universal" in my view, though that kind of cookware usually comes at a price.

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Serrante, I think it's a very good deal. Great cookware, and compares favorably to All-Clad. Nice bonuses with it too, and free shipping. Open an Amazon charge, and get another $20 off!

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Serrante, hope you were talking about Amazon, as it's actually $184 there ($25 off a $125 purchase). You also get a Cuisinart free santouko knife, and a small mini Cuisinart processor + free shipping!

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Thanks for the responses, very helpful... And yes it was the amazon deal, I found through a connection at It sent me to the amazon site where I saw the 12 piece pro set on sale... and I did see the extra $25 discount... It looks like I will be owning a new set of cookware...


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