New (to me) cookware lines

kitchendetectiveOctober 17, 2006

Has anyone had any experience with the following stainless steel brands of cookware on gas ranges:

CIA Masters Collection


Mauviel stainless

I am particularly interested in saute pans and handle comfort, but am interested in anything you have to say about these.


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The opnly way you will know if the handles are comfortable for you is to test them.
Linda C

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I have tested the CIA saute pan by sauteing a sliced onion/pepper/garlic mixture in olive oil for pasta. It has nicely rounded shape to aid in turning/stirring, but still politely sits flat on the burner without wobbling. The interior sandwiched layer of aluminum continues from the bottom all the way up the sides for even heat distribution. The handle has a nice curve to help carry the weight of the pan and its contents. It can be used on any type of stove, even induction. It is a well thought out design and pleasant to hold.

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Thanks for the info. The problem for me is I live far away from cities in central Texas and, even when I am in the city, I do not find these particular brands in stores. Therefore, it's difficult to try them out for myself. I do not mind, in fact I prefer, heavy pans. Many people recommend All-Clad, which are readily available, but I find that the handles dig into my hand, even when I use the helper handle, so I have ruled out that brand.

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