Pans-where manufactured?

noodlesportlandOctober 23, 2008

I have been trying to find out where various brands of cookware are manufactured--anyone? I have notice that a pan might have "Germany" or "Switzerland" on the bottom and then "made in China" under that. Anyone know where the big name brands are actually produced?

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Which brands, specifically, are you referring to? All-Clad manufactures some pieces in the U.S. and some in China. CIA Masters Collection is made in China. Le Creuset is made in France and China, depending upon piece. Mauviel and Matfer-Bourgeat are made in France. Falk in Belgium. Viking in Belgium. Staub in France. Demeyere Belgium.

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Most of the cookware is manufactured in China. Sometimes they claim "designed in" Italy etc, but I know All-Clad is made in China.

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Demeyere cookware--Belgium.

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thanks-I have learned that some of the stainless All-Clad is made in the USA but the other lines are made in China. Lodge is China. Does anyone know where Calaphan is manufactured?

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From the Lodge website:
"Are Lodge products made in the USA?
All of our foundry seasoned cast iron products, including the Signature Series, are manufactured in the USA. Our Lodge Enamel items are imported from China."

The All-Clad website claims that all bonded pieces are manufactured in the United States, but all lids, utensils, and non-bonded pieces are manufactured in China.

With Le Creuset, the enamel and cast iron pieces are made in France, but the enamel on metal pieces, some of the ceramics, the utensils, and various other lines are made in China.

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thanks--someone had told me about Lodge and that is was made in China. Is all of it made here?
I am lookining for a small soup pot --just soups/rissoto in small batches. Thinking of 3.5 quart either Lodge or stainless All-Clad. I am replacing a 30 year old Rever Ware.

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All Lodge is made in USA except the colored, enameled items.

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